Sami Cabanon poses a question mark during World Cup final – “it’s totally over”

The Czech Republic and Switzerland meet in the Ice Hockey World Cup final on Sunday. The Czech Republic beat Sweden 7-3 to advance to the final, while Switzerland defeated Canada 3-2.

Following the match in Prague, MTV sports expert Sami Kapanen said after the semi-final, the Czech players cheered Switzerland’s victory.

– After the match, I saw a few Czech acquaintances, who also work for the federation, and yes, they had smiles on their faces and some fans. I carefully asked one of them if Switzerland would be better, says Kapanen.

– Yes, in their world of thought in general – I don’t know about the team – but for Czechs, they have a better chance of winning the world championship than Canada.

Switzerland and the Czech Republic met each other in the preliminary group. At that time, Switzerland won the match for a long time after the goal, winning 2-1.

Switzerland came out strong in their home semi-final, taking a quick 2-0 lead against Canada. Ultimately the solution was found in the race to the winning goal. As the semi-final progressed, Kapanen expressed some concern about Switzerland playing in the Czech Republic’s pocket.

– Switzerland were a fantastic team today. They completely ran out of gas in that third period and overtime. In that sense, I put the home team as slight favorites. “I have a bet that the Czech Republic can take it tomorrow,” Kapanen predicted.

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