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Finns spend an average of 1,032 euros per family on summer vacations this year.

Last year, the corresponding amount was 1,209 euros, but the effect of the increase in the level of public spending on the funds used for the summer holidays has decreased. This is clear in a study conducted by Nordea.

Most Finns, or 62 percent, say their family spends a maximum of 1,000 euros on a summer vacation. The most commonly used amounts for summer vacations are between 501 and 1,000 euros.

Conduct research Tell us how you, your family or your group of friends go on vacation. Are you going abroad and spending the holidays at home?

Among the respondents to the survey More than half (58 percent), but less than last year (63 percent) feel that the general increase in spending levels is reducing funds used for summer vacation.

Vacation spending is mainly financed with salary income and savings.

In general, when vacationing at home, money is spent on restaurants, cafes and kiosks, and culture in the past few years.

Conversely, less money is being spent on adventure destinations and amusement parks than in previous years.

A narrow majority, 55 percent of Finns plan to travel domestically and only 10 percent abroad this summer. 15 percent of respondents travel both domestically and internationally.

For those traveling abroad, safety is the most important criterion when choosing a travel destination.

A significant number of people avoid tourist-heavy urban areas and areas prone to heat waves.

Most Finns have at least one thing related to responsibility and sustainable development influencing their summer vacation plans. For example, 29 percent do not travel to places where human rights are not fulfilled.

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The survey for Nordea was carried out on 21-27 May 2024 by Kantor Finland in a web group and received 1046 responses.

Finns age 18–79.

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