SDP has no confidence in Minister Sathos

SDP deputy leader Matias Mäkynen pointed out that Labor Minister Arto Satonen had given false information to parliament and had not corrected his actions.

SDP provides Vice President Matthias Makkinen Led by the distrust of the Minister of Labour To Arto Sados (Coke).

In his speech to parliament on Tuesday, Makkinen said Minister Satonen had misinformed parliament about Sweden's right to strike, and then repeated this false claim instead of correcting it or apologizing.

– Because of this, the Social Democratic Parliamentary Committee considers that Minister Satonen does not deserve the confidence of the Parliament, Makkinen said.

A false statement?

Satonen recalled in his speech during Question Time last October that a political strike in Finland is now limited to 24 hours, while in Sweden legal practice is limited to 1-2 hours.

– It is clear that there is no such case law or statute in Sweden. It is from Sanomat, Helsing In the interview Confirmed by the Chief Legal Officer of the Swedish Conciliation Office For Ewaldson As a Finnish law professor focused on Swedish private law Nicholas BrunMakinen said.

Makkinen insists that this claim has been proven false and that Satonen has not made amends for his actions.

– The Labor Minister has repeated this false claim several times in Parliament and in public, and a government proposal based on this false claim is being debated in Parliament today.

According to Mäkynen, all this has led to a situation where the government has completely failed to bring about negotiations in the labor market.

Matthias Makkinen is not satisfied with the actions of Labor Minister Arto Satonen. Atte Cajoa

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