SDP's Mäkynen accuses the government of trying to wash its hands – “an embarrassing company”.

A vote on EU member states' corporate responsibility directive has been postponed due to Finland's opposition. SDP Vice President, Member of Parliament Matthias Makkinen He said in his press release that he is disappointed with the government's actions in today's talks.

– The Corporate Responsibility Directive has been negotiated for almost two years and its ratification was mainly a formality. Now the Finnish government took the lead in opposing the mandate, knowing full well that postponing the referendum would lead to the downfall of the entire mandate. It is an embarrassing attempt for the government to wash its hands of a decision that cannot stand in power.

According to Mäkynen, if the corporate responsibility directive cannot be passed, it will be a major failure of the EU and especially the Finnish government.

– The directive will force large companies to monitor and intervene in abuses such as the use of child labor and forced labor and environmental damage in their supply chains. This will bring a competitive advantage to responsible Finnish companies, which in the current situation have to compete with large companies that blindly seek savings by, for example, using child labor in their supply chain.

Govt Ai justified his position by the fact that the right to collective action included in the directive on mobility and environmental organizations was alien to the Finnish legal system. According to Makkinen, the arguments are not true.

– In Finland, there is already an opportunity to file a class action in consumer matters. Many legal experts have said that a class action can also be used in corporate liability cases. Talks of inadequate impact assessments of the directive are clearly an excuse, while the government is pushing to significantly weaken the country's workforce. Interest System and Finance Minister's “Common Sense”.

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The government's willingness to overturn the order actually seems to be antagonizing the trade union movement, Makkinen assesses. According to him, victims of corporate abuses who have no chance to defend their own rights are threatened by the government's decision.

– In many cases, class action is the only way to get justice for child laborers and migrant workers. Shockingly, opposition to the Orbo and Burra government reached so deep that the government decided to allow the use of child labor, for example, to continue destroying the environment, rather than allow the Ay movement to continue. Victims' cause in court.

The government must now take the spoon in its pretty hand and demand that EU countries urgently return to the negotiating table so that the corporate responsibility directive can still be saved, Makkinen insists.

– As the Finnish government wants to weaken the rights of employees both domestically and at the EU level, Europe cannot effectively intervene in abuses and environmental violations occurring in the operational chains of global companies.

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