Someraivo about women's speeches on podcast – Vili Viljakainen regrets what he said:

Known for reality TV shows Christian Heiscari And Vili Viljakainen It caused a stir on social media Men's sauna change In an episode of the podcast, he criticized the appearance of women.

Among other things, both stated that what is considered undesirable in a woman is being overweight. They also used the term humpback whale when talking about women.

The episode in question has now been removed from Potimo.

The podcast created quite a stir on social media.

– If there is a need to humiliate others, this should be considered in therapy. The man commented on Instagram that women are usually not turned on by mean and empathetic men.

– White men's voices are the most relevant in this world. However, let's sharpen the way we talk about things. Let's respect each other. We can do it, guys, another comment.

– Each of us can face each other with respect and treat each other truthfully. Your habit of calling fat people humpback whales perpetuates the hatred of fat over fat, aimed at young people today.

– You and Willy have thousands of young people among my followers, especially in these moments of increased youth nausea, I hope you pay better attention to your words, reminding us on social media.

Viljakainen commented on the situation on Instagram.

– I have come to the conclusion that the choice of words crossed the line of truth regarding a particular part of the discussion in the episode. We discussed the likes and dislikes in the dating mind of the opposite sex.

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– In our song, we made a mistake using word choices that I think are okay in social conversation, says Viljakainen.

He admits he made a mistake.

– I raise my hand on behalf of myself and my colleague as a sign of error. I think it should be possible to talk directly and loudly about ideas and issues, which is precisely what we want to promote in our discussion, but here two things cross the line, Viljakainen continues.

Heiskari, on the other hand, commented on the matter in the Stories section of Instagram.

– It's strange that you can't say anything these days, Heiskari says in the video.

– This is not intended or meant to harm anyone. Let's be honest about topics and use expressions that ring a bell in many people's ears, Heiskari writes in the Stories section.

The podcast is advertised as Men's Sauna Discussions, which are brought to light.

The men's Instagram said the podcast series in question was created at the end of their joint sauna trip, where they began talking about women in their own challenging life situations.

– We had each other's support in women's matters and both of us had a bit of a dilemma. It was decided that unless the blood was at least two per thousand and the temperature was 80 degrees Celsius, we men did not dare to talk or speak much. Decided to do a podcast.

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