STOCK EXCHANGE: Rapid rise in Helsinki, ten tons break

The prolongation of the CE marking process, crucial for BBS, led to a decline in the share price. Several companies announced transition talks again on Monday.

The stock market started the week with strong gains, with the OMXH general index in Helsinki up 1.1 percent to end the day at 10,080 points. In the morning, the rise was still a cautious 0.2 percent, but the rise accelerated in the evening. The general index ended the day above 10,000 points for the first time since February.

All of Monday’s most traded stocks ended 0.2 percent lower Stora Enzoa Besides.

Apart from the familiar names, the list of most exchanged ones is included as an exception Aktia Bank (+1.3 %), its shares were traded in a volume transaction worth almost 24 million euros. The block corresponds to 4.7 percent of the company’s free shares and more than 40 times the stock’s average daily turnover over the past 20 days. Among Aktia’s largest owners, only the four largest owners held at least one block of Aktia shares at the end of April.

On Monday, the Industrial Maintenance Agency announced its results Wi-Fi service (-1.8%) and a media company Ilka (-1.3%). Viafin Service’s turnover fell less than expected and operating results matched Inderes’ forecast. Ilka’s turnover declined and operating profit was in the red as in the comparative period. According to the company, companies’ investments in marketing have been cautious or decisions about investments have been postponed as a result of the uncertain economic situation.

A mining company Afraq (+1.4%) said its production rose 9.7 percent in the first quarter from the comparable period a year ago. This growth came from mines in South Africa, which saw favorable ore prices. Afarac only reports its results every six months, so the company’s next actual results report will only be due in mid-August in the form of a half-yearly review.

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A health technology company PBS-bioactive bone substitutes On Sunday evening he said he would update the status of the European marketing authorization. According to the company, the CE marking process will not be completed by the end of the second quarter of 2024 as previously estimated. The company did not provide an exact time frame for the process. CE marking enables the commercialization of Artebone Paste bone graft substitute in Europe. On Monday, BBS’s course fell by 13.3 percent.

Infrastructure developer was created (+0.5%) said on its Capital Markets Day that it will focus on improving profitability especially during the strategic period that lasts until 2027. Additionally, the company plans to continue its growth while keeping the debt ratio under control. In terms of development, the focus is on developing the rail business and business in Sweden. (-2.8%) Founder and principal owner Chamuli Zeppela It sold 280,000 shares at EUR 2.20 a piece on the stock market last Friday. As a result of the transactions, Seppälä’s ownership in the company fell to 29.43 percent, below the 30 percent flagging threshold. Zeppela has sold his ownership in the company several times in recent years. In February this year, Seppälä sold more than four million euros worth of shares.

A machine shop serving the mining industry roots (+2.8%) and an information security company SSH (-2.3%) Talked about change negotiations and software company Technotree (-1.6%) from the results of their own change negotiations.

Metso estimates it will cut 240 employees worldwide, 90 of which will be in Finland. The transition negotiations relate to planned structural changes in Metso’s minerals business.

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SSH says it is trying to improve the company to better meet the demands of the strategy, and improving financial performance is also on the agenda. 124 employees across all operations in Finland are subject to change negotiations, and reductions are estimated at a maximum of 15 employees.

Tecnotree completed the restructuring announced at the end of March. Accordingly, the company will reduce 116 employees. The restructuring plan included employees in Finland, India, the Middle East and rationalized non-telecom resources in North America, according to the company.

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