STOCK EXCHANGE: SONE's consortium buys over 80 percent of Musti, share price now well below the purchase offer level

Soane's buyer consortium has already acquired a fair share of 90 per cent of Musti. Nightingale's hearing is appreciated by Interus

The Helsinki stock market closed close to its closing levels on Thursday in early trading on Friday. The general index of OMX Helsinki was down 0.05 percent at 9811.45 points after 20 minutes of trading.

Yesterday, Thursday, in connection with the March interest rate decision, the ECB calculated this year's inflation and GDP growth forecasts in the euro area, and the President Christine Lagarden These comments mean the first rate cut could still be in June. Chairman of the Fed, the central bank of the United States Jerome Powell He told a congressional hearing that the Fed's confidence in controlling inflation is nearing the point where it will start cutting interest rates.

Asian markets continued to rally this morning as talks from central bankers cheered equity investors.

Morning trading on the Helsinki Stock Exchange was generally quiet. It was morning time In this, whose stock was traded for 1.8 million euros. Neste's share price rose 0.9 percent. Most top-of-the-line stocks were slightly lower. I trained Shares fell 0.9 percent.

The Musti group came within striking distance of their goal

To group The Portuguese retail giant said Thursday after the market closed Sonnen 6.3 Collected by Buyer Federation. After closed post-purchase offer, Musti provisionally totals 80.58 percent.

In the initial bid, the consortium had targeted 90 per cent, but decided to go ahead with the purchase despite raising the stake to over 40 per cent of the initial approval stake. The Federation also bought shares through the stock market. The price of the purchase offer is EUR 26.10 per share. The initial target of 90 per cent stake will give the majority owner an opportunity to redeem the shares of the minority owners.

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Musti's share price was down 1.8 percent at 24.84 euros in the morning.

Endomines He said in the evening that he was making arrangements for financing 3.9 million euros for the expansion of ore exploration of the southern gold line. Reserve estimates for the area are currently close to 150,000 ounces and could double thanks to ore exploration by 2023. At the release, the company believes it is on track to define more than one million ounces of deposits. In the morning, the share price was at its Thursday closing level of 6.50 euros.

Wartsila Last year's dividend of 0.16 euro was issued from the first half of the shares. The second half of the dividend will be paid in September. Shares were down 0.16 euros and 1.1 percent at 14.08 euros.

Inderus believes Nightingale has reached a potential turning point

Yesterday, Inderes boosted profit and acquisition news Nightingale The stock's target price rose to 1.25 euros from 1.10 euros and the recommendation rose to a higher level while lowering the previous one. Shares rose 6.3 percent to 1.08 euros in the morning

“Nightingale's investment story is at a potential turning point. Two of the company's large-scale clients (Terveystalo & Pathology Asia) seem to be progressing promisingly. The performance of Nightingale's business strategy is receiving clear evidence of its effectiveness in the current year in the form of revenue growth and, in addition, new client gains,” the analyst said. Andy Louiro Beamed interest in the morning review.

“The risk level is still high due to low visibility, but with the current valuation and strengthening growth outlook, the return/risk ratio becomes attractive enough in our opinion,” Louiro continued.

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