Stock Exchange: Wall Street held its breath after Nvidia’s earnings report

Wall Street is eagerly waiting for tech giants to make artificial intelligence chips of Nvidia The company will report its first-quarter earnings on Wednesday evening, Finnish time, after stock markets close in the US.

Expectations are high Price rockets related to Nvidia’s profit figures, and disappointing results or beating expectations can cause significant market moves.

“The stock market may be volatile at last tomorrow. The company’s turnover has grown explosively with the artificial intelligence boom, and the company is expected to report growth of up to 240 percent in the quarter ending in April. If Nvidia’s results surprise in either direction, it could see other stocks in the tech sector rise or fall as well. Nordea writes in his review.

Nvidia’s guidance also determines which direction the company’s stock will take when stock markets on Wall Street open on Thursday. Analysts expect second-quarter revenue of $26.9 billion, so any guidance from the company below that is bad news.

As the U.S. stock market opened on Wednesday, the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and the tech-heavy Nasdaq were broadly flat on the previous day’s levels, looking for direction.

In an expected mood, the S&P 500 index showed a 0.1 percent decline at the time of review, and the Dow Jones index edged ahead of the previous day’s level.

Nvidia’s stock fell slightly after the earnings report.

On Wednesday, grocery chains in the U.S. released their earnings reports target and sportswear manufacturer Lululemon.

Shares of Target fell more than eight percent after the report, as the company’s outlook for the second quarter was disappointing.

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Lululemon shares also fell seven percent when the company announced the product manager was leaving.

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