Stock market: Kalmer’s shares were rejected after a rally over the weekend

The market was tense on Monday due to the political situation. There is an ongoing debate in the United States about whether the president is enough Joe Biden Fitness to challenge in upcoming elections It’s Donald Trump. In France’s parliamentary elections, the political left won a surprise victory, preventing the victory of the far right that many feared on the other side.

At the European level, the opening of the stock markets has turned higher, but the general index of the stock market in Helsinki has clearly decreased. Most stocks of the stock market’s most valuable companies and most other stocks were down. At 14:24, OMX Helsinki was down 0.5 percent to 9981.05 points.

Among the most traded stocks Carnegie Raised Nokian Target price from EUR 3.80 to EUR 4.00 and reiterated a buy recommendation on the stock.

Nokia shares rose 0.85 percent to 3.639 euros. From other big companies Nordic, Fortum’s, liquid And machine Shares fell 0.8-1.6 percent.

We’ll get a taste of earnings season tomorrow Tuesday, when the financial management software company announces its results ahead of the rest. Admicom (+ 0,55%).

It was listed on the stock market last week Calamari Stock prices fell in the morning. By late afternoon, the stock was trading third on the Visayas stock exchange, and the share price was down 3.4 percent at EUR 29.26.

Calmer left a week ago Carcotesista Since the beginning of the week the share price has clearly moved below analysts’ expectations. According to market estimates, there may be a backdrop of selling pressure in funds.

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On Thursday and Friday, the stock price turned into a strong rally. Last week, Kalmer received a buy recommendation from four analysts and a target price of 31-35 euros. Today, Monday, Carnegie was the fifth analyst to issue a hold recommendation and a target price of 29.80.

Information Technology Services Company Gopher Turnover in June was 14.2 million euros, compared to 15.9 million euros last year. In May, turnover was 16.8 million euros. The company’s share price was down 2.2 percent at 24.20 euros in late afternoon trading.

Fusion Canadaon A shell company to design Lifeline Space The share price rose 2.65 percent to 11.60 euros. The company announced on Friday that it would find a merger partner, as the stock price rose 11.9 percent.

Ovaro improved its strategy, trading in Lemonsoft volumes

Monday morning He is also a real estate investor It updated its strategy for the years 2024-2027. Key targets include integration of a buy-grow-sell business model, an annual return on equity of more than 10 percent and an equity ratio of at least 40 percent.

Growth of Zivaskyla cuckula Project development and construction of owned assets are key priority areas for the strategic period, Ovaro said in his highly briefed stock market release. Stocks were trading lower at the opening of the market on Monday.

Ovaro’s share price was little changed on Friday at €3.99.

of Lemonsoft The stock had another big block of trading on Monday. In the transaction shortly before noon, approximately 0.7 percent of the equity capital was traded at 6.50 per share.

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Last Thursday, almost the same volume was traded, and 10.6. 0.5 percent of the company has changed hands. The company has made two acquisitions in recent weeks, and in the latter’s purchase of Applirent, which makes software for the rental business, part of the purchase price was paid in a stock issue aimed at sellers.

Lemonsoft’s share price rose 4.0 percent to 6.55 euros. However, except for volume trading, the exchange is very small.

In the recommendation changes of the day Barclays Fat Metson Target price from EUR 12.00 to EUR 11.50 and reiterated the add recommendation.

Metso’s share price fell 1.1 percent to 9.894 euros.

OP Raised Risen The stock has a target price of €2.30 to €2.40 and reiterated a buy recommendation. Shares of Raisio were down 0.1 percent at 1.92 euros in after-hours trading.

Rizio’s V share price rose 0.7 percent to 1.936 euros.

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