Stock Market: Less than ten tons finished in Helsinki in the first half of the year

European stock markets were mostly flat on Friday. In Helsinki, the general index of the OMXH stock market closed down 0.4 percent at 9,937 points.

Behind Nordea (+0.4%) at the top of the transaction, there was talk of a major commercial deal Nokiawhose stock ended 1.5 percent higher.

The company announced the acquisition of a California manufacturer of optical network solutions and semiconductors Infineran About 2.3 billion US dollars. Nokia will pay $6.65 per share for the company’s stock, a 28 percent premium to the stock’s closing price on Wednesday. The move strengthens Nokia’s market position in optical networks and clearly increases revenues from the US.

Nokia’s goal is to realize 200 million euros of synergy benefits from the deal in comparable operating profits by 2027. The deal is estimated to improve Nokia’s comparable operating profit and earnings per share in the first year, and lead to a more than ten percent improvement in comparable earnings per share in 2027.

Among other heavily traded stocks, industrial companies and engineering companies fell mostly.

Goldman Sachs Calculated by utility company Fortum’s Referral from previous position to sales position. The company’s target price was unchanged at 14.30 euros. Fortum’s share price closed down 4.6 percent at 13.65 euros.

Members of Fortum’s Board of Directors, General Counsel Nora Steiner-Forsberg And of Eliza The Director of Personnel and Procurement shall be the Director of Personnel and a member of the Executive Committee Evalina Dahl Will exit Fortum by the end of 2024. Recruitment of followers will begin immediately.

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Software company The Qt team The stock market ended at the top of the decline, down 6.8 percent to 77.55 euros. Inderes, which follows the company, ended with a reduce position after a buy recommendation after the price rose sharply, and Inderes reiterated its previous target price of 80 euros.

Health technology companies were the top gainers on the stock market on Friday Nightingale 26 percent of the time.

Nightingale partnered with an American Boston Hardin About selling Nightingale’s Health Check service in the US. The parties aim to launch a pilot program after August 2024. Nightingale also talked about another partnership, where the US Agency for Preventive Health and Drug Development 23 and i Nightingale offers its customers the opportunity to do a remote health check for free.

Manufacturer of biodegradable orthopedic implants Bioretec (+0.0%) said the company’s Remeos trauma screw’s European CE Mark marketing authorization application was withdrawn from expert panel evaluation. The previously predicted schedule estimate was for CE Mark to be received by the end of the second quarter of 2024, but Bioretec now expects to be awarded later than the previous schedule estimate.

The stock market saw big price reactions in smaller companies. They are tough climbers I will do (+7,4 %), Selected (+5.1%) and large companies SSAP (B share +4.4%). In Laskupää, large movements were observed among others At Solteq (-6.5%), Saga in Furs (-4.4 %) and Marimekko(-3,9 %).

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