Stock market: Rising day in Helsinki as dividend confirmed – UPM was the day's top trade.

On Thursday, the Helsinki Stock Exchange's main index rose 1.1 percent to close at 9,893.12 points.

On Thursday, equity markets were supported by strong confidence in interest rate cuts by central banks in Europe and the US.

In notes from the European Central Bank's latest meeting in early March, published on Thursday, ECB representatives interpreted inflation as encouraging growth.

According to the memo, ECB representatives' comments supported the market's view that the ECB would implement its first interest rate cut in June.

A glittering silver

Two-thirds of stocks on the Helsinki Stock Exchange's main list ended higher on Thursday.

A mining company was the biggest gainer for the second day in a row Sotkamo FridayIt rose 8.7 percent to 0.11 euros on a turnover of less than 380,000 euros.

Sotkamo silver rose more than nine percent earlier in the day and has lost more than 60.0 percent on the stock market in the past month.

The recent rise in Sotkamo silver may have been helped by a significant rise in gold and silver prices in the current year. The price of silver fell this week to its lowest level in two years.

other things Inderes The investor forum maintained by Sotkamo Silver is followed by many small investors who closely monitor metal prices.

UPM traded higher throughout the day

Among the big names in the stock market, an engineering firm was the best leveraged gainer on Thursday Practice, which ended with a turnover of 15.9 million euros, an increase of 5.6 percent. With millions in exchange, they were also in good leverage roots (+4,6 %), Wartsila (+4.0 %) and Fortum (+3,9 %).

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The most traded stock is a forestry company UPM-KymmeneIt rose 3.3 percent with a turnover of 59.5 million euros.

UPM's general meeting on Thursday confirmed that a dividend of EUR 1.50 per share will be distributed in 2023. The dividend is paid in two installments, on Friday of 0.75 euros per share.

machine Former CEO Heinrich Ernruth Continues as Chairman of the UPM Board.

Farrow is still unfunded

Jupiter's biggest losses include, among others Aktia BankIt fell 8.8 per cent after ex-dividend and listed First North Faron Pharmaceuticals.

Farron ended down 8.4 percent after completing a private placement of 4.8 million euros to a limited company and other investors. Farron also said €27.0 million in additional capital is needed to complete BexMab's Phase 2 study.

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