Strong winds are felt today in the western coasts of the country, in the eastern parts of the country and in the north. News Fin

The west coast, the eastern parts of the country and the north will be strong today, meteorologist Henri Nyman, on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Centre, told STT from early afternoon. The capital region and the central part of the country are spared from the worst noise.

Eastern parts of the country will experience strong winds in the morning and afternoon. Winds were gusting to 15 meters per second, according to Nyman. In addition to the wind, there is rain in North Karelia.

In the afternoon, winds start to pick up along the west coast, and you can almost reach hurricane-force readings in some places. At the same time, the sun shines on the west coast.

According to Naiman, the sun warms Ruizrak visitors in Turku, but at the same time it is very windy.

– Winds are blowing at 15-18 meters per second, Nyman describes.

In the evening, showers and thunderstorms will occur in northern Ostrobothnia and southern Lapland. Along with these, strong winds may also blow.

The wind weakens as night approaches

Except in the provinces of Ostrobothnia and southern Lapland, the wind weakens considerably as night approaches.

– Strong winds are still possible in the direction of northern Ostrobothnia on Monday morning, Nyman says.

According to Nyman, the temperature in Finland today is 15-20 degrees. During the day, the cold front will move south towards Kainu and Bohois Chao.

– He says it’s about fifteen degrees in the rainier areas, but it’s about 20 degrees warmer in the eastern part of the country before an even colder front arrives.

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