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A strong solar storm causes the aurora borealis to appear in the sky.

Aurora Borealis at White’s outdoor recreation area in Espoo on Friday evening. Photo: Heikki Soukoma, Lehtikua

Earth has been hit by the strongest solar storm since 2003, according to NOAA, the US federal meteorological and oceanic research agency.

Geomagnetic storms will continue through the weekend, according to the NOAA X service.

A strong solar storm causes the aurora borealis to appear in the sky.

A geomagnetic storm can cause intermittent disruptions, for example, to satellite positioning or, in extreme cases, problems with power supply.

A powerful solar storm has knocked out the power grid a few times in human history. In the spring of 1989, a strong geomagnetic storm caused a nine-hour power outage in Canada. In the fall of 2003, one such storm brought down the power grid in Malmö, Sweden.

Aurora over the Northern Hemisphere as seen from space.

Gases from the solar wind disrupt Earth’s magnetic field, causing the northern lights. The largest geomagnetic storms are caused by coronal mass ejections that strike the Earth’s magnetic field. chart. Kwa: Division of Earth Sciences and Remote Sensing, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

Source: AFP

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