Stubb and Havisto gained prime ministerial-level supporters

Presidential candidates have released several names supporting them in the second round. Prime Ministers are featured in both the lists.

Alexander Stubb (right) and Beka Havisto (left) announced new supporters in the second round of the presidential election.

Stubb said thank you On Instagram Former Prime Minister Juha Sibila (center), ran in the second round in favor of Stubbs.

– I (Olly) of Rehn A favorite in the first round, but my pick in the second round is Alex. I've known Alex for a long time and we've been through a lot of rough spots together. That's why Alex Sibila, who was prime minister between 2015 and 2019, argued in Stubb's release.

Former rally car driver, businessman and farmer Tommy Makinen, author, have signed on as supporters of Stubb's second round campaign. Ilka Rems and Merja Kyllönen, Member of Parliament for the Left Alliance.

Prominent among candidate Haisto's new supporters is the former prime minister, as Antti Rinne (SD) began backing his former colleague in the second round.

– At the time of filing, Rinne wanted the title of “Becca's former colleague and ex-prime minister,” according to Havisto's campaign release.

The citizens' delegation is joined by long-time minister and MEP Liisa Jaakonsaari (sd), long-time foreign minister and MP Erki Tuomioja (sd), former culture minister. Titi Isohukana-Asunma (Centre) and a state councilor who headed the Left Alliance Marty Korhonen.

The delegation is joined by MEP Silvia Modić (left) and current SDP MPs. Maria KuseninaKimmo Kiljunen, Anna-Kristina Mikkonen, Wild Skinnary Ja Nazima Rasmiyar.

Havisto's campaign is also supported by the cultural sector, including songwriter, musician Heikki “Hector” Harma, actor Hannu-Bekka Bjorkman and host Katja Ståhl.

The former prime ministers decided on the two presidential candidates. Riitta Heiskanen

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