Stubb reveals to IL where he will go first in Finland – related to breaking the Kremlin lock

Alexander Stubb, the new president-elect of the Republic of Finland, will take office on March 1. Iltalehti interviewed Stubb on Monday.

Interviewed by Iltalethi Alexander Stupia on Monday.

Less than 20 hours after the election victory, Stubb described his feelings.

– It's good. Of course, you feel the responsibility and the enormity of the task on your shoulders as the head of the Thirteenth Republic of Finland. I feel very grateful that all Finns were able to run such a good, fair and honest campaign and that we got more than one and a half million votes from Finns, he says.

Polling statistics reveal that one of the cornerstones of Stubb's victory was his strong popularity in small municipalities on the eastern border, from Lapland to southeastern Finland.

Stubb clearly got the most votes Becca Havisto For example, Savukoski (101 more votes), Sodankylä (529), Salla (68), Kuusamo (1,730), Kuhmo (664), Suomussalmi (534), Lieksa (222), Kontiolahti (594). Illomansi (199), Parikala (487), Mihikala (372) and Virolathi (399).

Stubb received a total of 5,899 more votes than Havisto from the mentioned municipalities, which partially determined the outcome of the tight election.

What does it say that people living so close to Russia wanted you as president?

– I hope to carry out their wishes and act as a President who always puts the interests of the whole of Finland first.

A Promise to the Eastern Frontier

What do you promise the surface of the eastern border?

– Yes, the promise is to establish peace in Finland. Currently, the situation at the border is very difficult. We had already discussed that when we go on a provincial tour, we will start in the east and go north from there, and Stubb told Iltalehti that he would go to Finland first as president.

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In the past, the official relationship of the presidents of the Republic of Finland was determined by their bilateral relationship with the Kremlin. Finns are used to seeing the president as a guarantor of relations with Russia.

The relationship ended for reasons beyond our control. It was replaced by NATO members.

How does this change the presidency? No more Russian president – maybe a NATO president?

– To some extent yes, the head of NATO as he was the head of the EU when we were at the beginning of EU membership. Work is significantly more multi-threaded than it used to be, Stubb insists.

Next, Stubb analyzes for IL what the importance of Finland's foreign and security policy will be when he takes office.

– In other words, there is no direct lock and link with the Kremlin at this time. Then you need to think carefully about which direction to go. At this point, the direction is pretty clear. It is the west. We want to be a reliable operator in the West. We must be a credible actor in NATO. We must have strong ties with the US and other Western allies. At the same time, Stubb assesses that we are a strategic competitor in the East, especially in the direction of China, and a good partner in the South.

According to Stubb, the breakdown in relations with Russia has led to the fact that Finland needs to strengthen its deterrent defense against the Russian threat.

– That is, he says, where relations with Russia no longer exist, at least for the time being, and where the rules are challenged, we must rely on our own security and strong Western alliances.

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Head cold

The President should remain calm.

The morning after the election victory, Stubb bathed in Espoo.

– Of course, the nights were very short, but fortunately I could see in the open air.

As a young civil servant or going into the 2004 European elections, Stubb could never have imagined that he would one day become the country's leader and commander-in-chief.

– In.

– Tokopa is a question that no person can make or want out of their life path. My wife and I talked about this in the morning, especially since the number thirteen seems so small.

A message to Havisto voters

Stubb becomes the thirteenth President of the Republic of Finland in Finnish history.

– As a nation, as a free country, we are very young, 107 years old. This has allowed for a slightly longer presidency in between, Stubb points out Urho Kekkonen An unhealthy presidency from 1956 to 1981.

Among other things, Kekkonen exceptionally picked himself up for next season.

– Of course it feels big, reflecting the responsibility he received from the Finns.

Stubb sends his special greetings to the voters of Havisto.

– Becca Havisto's election is no longer Becca's team or Alex's team, but I think that Finland's team and we can blow together. I want to be a unifying factor not only during the campaign but also in the future. The President has the opportunity to do so.

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