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The 23-year-old woman revealed her plan in a video obtained by police. He was caught on the same day and jailed on Friday.

The suspect is studying at Waza University. Stock photo. Photo: Merja Siirilä / Yle

Marcus Lilqvist,

Matty Rinnekas

Last Tuesday, Ostrobothnian police arrested a 23-year-old woman who was planning to commit a violent act at an educational institution in Vaasa.

The woman was jailed on Friday at the district court of Ostrobothnia on suspicion of preparing a crime against life or health. This is the highest level of doubt.

Map of Finland marked Vasa.

A police investigation was held in Vasa on Friday morning. Photo: Laura Merikalla / Yle, MapCreator, OpenStreetMap

The rector of Vasa University confirms to Yle that the woman is a student at the university. Based on social media, the woman had completed conscription a few years ago and was in the military. In many pictures uploaded on social media, the woman has a gun in her hand.

Central Crime Branch Head of Police Investigation, Crime Branch Commissioner Jussie Luton According to the police, on Tuesday, the police received a tip-off on their online service about a video in which a woman revealed her plan and her intention to carry it out. According to Luoto, the Vasa police acted quickly.

– They immediately started planning the attack and were able to capture the woman who made the video an hour later. It happened without drama. I can't go into details, but it happened in Vasa, Luto tells Svenska Yl.

According to Luoto, it was a definite risk that the act would have been carried out on the same day as the woman's arrest.

The act was likely to have taken place on the day of his arrest.

Jussi Luoto, Director of Investigations, Crime Commissioner, Central Crime Branch Police

A criminal suspicion that the police are currently acting on requires that the suspect be in possession of a deadly weapon. Credit confirms this.

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– He had a gun and bullets in his hand. “I will not comment on other possible types of weapons,” he said.

According to Luoto, the woman apparently planned to attack the educational institution and open fire there. Luoto has not commented on the motive at this stage.

– There are still people to be investigated, he says.

The road sign says Ristinummi Korsnäståget.  There is a car driving in the background.  There is some snow on the ground.

According to Yle, the woman was arrested in Vasa's Ristinummi district. Photo: Yle/Sofi Nordmyr

Tuesday's arrest was carried out by Ostrobothnia police without assistance from other police departments. According to Yle, the arrest took place in Ristinummi district, but the police did not confirm it.

Adapted translation of an article written by author Markus Lylqvist in Essay Svenska: Students in Vaasa planned to shoot at an educational institution – police found weapons and bullets

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