Subo warned Sweden

Security police urges Sweden to prepare for Russian moves

Executive Director of the Finnish Security Police (Supo) Guru Thimu Durunen Sweden's Yleisradio warns In an interview with SVT.

According to SVT, Durunen considers that Sweden should be ready for Russia's actions now that it is a NATO member. Subo warns that Sweden could face an influence similar to that experienced by Finland.

“We must be ready”

Turunen describes to SVT how Russia's activities have changed during Finland's NATO membership.

– We were ready for various activities. We expected them. At first there weren't many of them, but their numbers have grown, says Durunen.

– However, nothing (happen) that we cannot live with.

Russia's intelligence capabilities should not be underestimated, Durunen insists.

– We should not underestimate Russian intelligence. They are capable and we have to be ready, says Durunen.

Considers Russia unfriendly

In its first year in NATO, Finland experienced a border crisis, cable sabotage at the bottom of the Baltic Sea and a series of cyber attacks, Turunen tells SVT.

– Russia currently considers Finland an unfriendly country. That means actions against us, says Durunen.

SVT says Finland and Sweden are considering establishing a joint security stake. Anti King

Teemu Durunen went to the Acting Director of the Security Police. As manager in early 2024. Finnish Security Intelligence Service

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