Swedish racing sister destroys Gert Niskanen's top ranking: “Drive me to the project”

Finns' performances on stage 3/7 of the tour were fair. Lynn Swann pegged Kertu Niskanen.

Kertu Niskanen Something had to be done about the final solution of stage 3/7 of the Tour de Ski. Before the Toblach Stadium section, the Finn was in a group of eight women, in which the best were divided into two and three places on the podium.

– I tried to tighten up a bit before the stadium area when I knew there were such tough sprinters in Los. I climbed into the bag Lynn Swann He took me to the project to talk. We ran out of space, wasted business, Niskanen lamented.

Gertu Niskanen was in the bag for the Swedes. Jussi Saarinen

He finished eighth in the 20-kilometer free pursuit. The gap to the stage is about four seconds. The event is initiated based on the combined results of stages 1 and 2.

– It was good. I thought that Rosie Brennan Catch me and I will go to heaven with him. Where did it come from? Emma Rebom. Then it was a group of Swedes and me. It felt very light in some places, but the maintenance service told me not to panic when a large group is coming up behind. And so it happened.

bad dream

Krista Pärmäkoski is going to sleep. Jussi Saarinen

Krista Pharmakoski Not fighting for the podium.

– It was a bit disappointing that I couldn't squeeze. It took several seconds. I felt that the pace was very moderate. Everyone could appreciate the weather a little. It might be my salvation when I'm not shot too badly. After diseases, competition sensitivity is still not perfect, Pharmakoski commented.

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He finished 10th according to his starting number.

– Let's go to Davos. It's generally a good place. I slept so badly last night that I thought I'd take a nap.

Good taste

Jasmi Jones showed off her good taste in skiing on the first day of the year. Jussi Saarinen

Jasmine Jones It was on the 25th

– It's not bad performance for free casual travel. The last time, a year ago, I skied over 10 kilometers in a free race in Oberstdorf. It even left a nice aftertaste, Jones reckons.

The Finn's main outing at the Tour is next Wednesday, with a free sprint in Davos. The only question mark is that the altitude of the competition is over 1,500 meters.

– It was great that the condition lasted and there was no freezing. If it was frozen, it would have told about a decrease in energy.

Good example

Ani Gillonen plans to model Bertu Hyvärinen. Jussi Saarinen

Anne Gillonen He said before the start of the season that the goal is to get back to fighting at his best.

At least not yet on target. He started 37th and finished 31st.

– It was very difficult to leave today. One of the most important races was on Sunday and it went badly. Tests motivation and attitude. On the other hand, I just craved free bets. I felt like I could have skied a little harder on Monday. But Kilonen said it doesn't make sense to go it alone.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

– I want to be better. If you know you've done things well, there's a chance. When it's a good day and good skiing, anything is possible, like Bertu Hivarinen Showed up on Sunday.

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Wilma Wrighty A Finnish woman was the only victim of skiing accidents on Monday.

– I don't know if I got any experience. Couldn't really do my own skiing. It's good skiing for the body, but bad for the equipment. Too bad, he reported.

Righty was 48th in the final results.

The Tour de Ski continues on Wednesday in Davos, Switzerland.


Women's 20km (v) Pursuit, Results:

1. Jesse Diggins (USA), 58.18,7

2. Victoria Carl (GER), +46,5

3. Lynn Swann (SWE), +48.2

4. Joanna Sandling (SWE), +48,2

5. Astrid Slint (NOR), +49,6

6. Heidi Weng (NOR), +51,7

7. Frida Carlson (SWE), +52.5

8. Gertu Niskanen, +52.6

9. Emma Ribom (SWE), +55.7

10. Krista Pharmakoski, +1.18,0


25. Jasmine Jones, +4.17,1

31. Anne Gillonen, +5.30,1

48. Wilma Wrighty, +8.09,7

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