Symptoms of the disease are detected as early as nine years

Researchers at England’s Queen Mary University of London used magnetic resonance imaging to find out whether the subject would develop dementia in the future.

The test itself takes just ten minutes and appears to recognize signs of dementia up to nine years before diagnosis with 80 percent accuracy.

“Even if we can better identify the proteins in the brain that can cause Alzheimer’s disease, many people live with these protein deposits for decades without symptoms of dementia. We believe that our method of determining brain activity can help us more accurately predict whether someone is at risk of developing dementia and how soon they will develop it.” This allows us to assess whether they can benefit from future treatments,” says Prof. Clinical neurologist Charles Marshall led the study Bulletin.

The researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging, which reveals the activity of different brain regions. Health information from 1,100 study participants was stored in the UK Biobank, a comprehensive British database containing medical information from more than half a million British residents.

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