Tabani had a high-profile job and a five-figure monthly salary – the birth of a child changed everything

Tapani Salminen was at the top of the banking world in London and Amsterdam. As soon as the child announced his decision, his entire life changed.

when I met Salminan In 2006, studying political science at the University of Helsinki, he noticed an ad on the front page of Helsinki's Sanomat looking for Sambo bank employees.

Salminen decided to apply for a management position. He got the job, but was told he was “more sales-minded than you've ever heard of.”

To work in Hakaniemi

Tapani Salminen, 47, now recalls – I started as a finance manager at Sambo Bank, in the East Helsinki corporate office, opposite the Round Building in Hakanemi.

Salminen continued in the same position for a few years, but duties changed.

In 2010, he decided to try something new.

– I was interested in the possibility of going to London. I called a friend I know in the London office and he said it could be more, Salminen says.

Tapani Salminen made a bold career choice. Marco Simonen

London call

Tapani Salminen moved to London in 2010.

– That gig lasted for a year and a half. Then I should have returned to Finland to work for the organization, but at that time I decided to stay in London, says Tapani Salminen.

He started looking at job advertisements and applied for a job at Barclays Bank.

At that time, Barclays needed someone who knew and understood the Nordic market.

Tapani Salminen knew and knew them.

Career at Barclays

After four rounds of interviews, Tapani Salminen was successful and got the job.

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He started at Barclays in 2012.

– I was promoted there little by little, and in recent years I took over as manager for the Nordic business market. Those clients include Nordic listed companies, Salminen says.

He thrived in the atmosphere of London.

– London is my second spiritual home. That international feel is in a class of its own, and the atmosphere is relaxed, says Tapani Salminen.

Transfer to Amsterdam

Since the end of 2019, Salminen has been working at Barclays in Amsterdam, Holland.

– Above all, it was challenging at the beginning of 2020 when the Corona struck. It was a lonely time working from home in a new country.

– As a tourist, you get a very relaxed and laid-back impression of Amsterdam, but in reality I think the society is very traditional, and the norms and roles in Dutch life are very strong.

Tabani remembers telling you that the bike paths in Amsterdam are great and that you can bike anywhere.

Met her husband

While Tabani worked in Holland, he found time to visit his native country from time to time.

While visiting Finland, Tabani met his current wife and things started to take off from there.

– When I got the news that I was going to be a father, I started thinking about moving until the right situation came along, says Salminen.

– Before the birth of the child, I wanted to go here to Finland, he recalls now.

He moved to Finland in 2022.

A long time dream

Tabani Zalmi had a long-held dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He is definitely going to enjoy that dream.

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Salminen's friend owns a small property management company and the friend works as a property manager.

– We have been talking with him for a long time that if the situation ever arises that I want to become an entrepreneur and property manager, he is ready to help me.

When Salminen moved to Finland, he began visiting his friend's office almost every day to study the highlights of the new field.

– In this context, I also completed a vocational qualification in hospitality at Kinko.

Kinco Real Estate Education Center.

Long working hours

Salminen doesn't see a career in the banking world as very different compared to private entrepreneurship.

– A twelve-hour workday is not very good. Even if you had statutory holidays for a large organization, you were always at work. There was no concept that I would stop working when I went on vacation down south. Work continued there, but in a different environment, Tabani says.

However, according to him, there are differences between his former career and entrepreneurship.

– The biggest difference is your own freedom to plan things, and you are responsible for everything. You also have the freedom to steer the business and service in the direction you want. Of course he tries his best to make the end result the best for the customers.

Established a limited company

Salminen founded a limited company, Talohotelli Oy.

– I saw an opportunity for myself in hosting. Salminen says that the management of the housing association is very focused on finances, so the money has to be sufficient and as efficient as possible.

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– and the way of thinking is the same. The customer is at the centre, be it a listed company or a housing company. And my job is to ensure that services are efficiently produced,” he continues.

Salminen knows there has been a shortage of asset managers recently, as many in the field have retired.

– I try to impart the knowledge and customer orientation I have learned in the big banking world. I am now trying to deliver to housing association clients what I have delivered to large listed companies.

With good pay

Tapani Salminen earned well-paid positions in the banking world.

– I earned five-figure sums on a monthly basis, and he makes up the matter when asked.

A successful career helped change the industry, Salminen admits.

– Being in a good paying job for a long time helped me to transition to this new company. Of course, in the growth stage of the company, the cash flow and salary you can raise for yourself is very small. “I can say I'm lucky to have that strong life back there,” she says.

Salminen plans to start his business career modestly. Besides him, his wife works as a real estate secretary in the company.

Son of the couple Leo It has been ten and a half months now.

– In my spare time, I try to go to the gym, but as a rule it seems to be playing with blocks and balls with Leo, Tabani says.

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