Taxi reform gets praise in Lapland – more than half of taxi users think taxi reform is good

02 Taxi conducted a customer survey in April to find out Finns’ attitudes towards taxi reform. Based on the survey, 51% of taxi users feel that taxi reform is good. In Lapland, the competition brought about by the taxi reform is appreciated and prices appreciated. Apart from these, the number of taxis has increased and the opportunity to compare and select the taxi of your choice has also been appreciated.

The people of Lapland have these things to thank for in the taxi reform

The main positives in Lapland regarding the taxi reform were price and increased competition. The answers show that in Lapland, the opportunity to order a taxi cheaper than before, brought a wider range of prices. In addition, most of the respondents value fixed prices; 67% of residents in the region say they prefer fixed-price rides.

“The popularity of fixed prices in Lapland can certainly be partially explained by the long distances. On a long taxi ride, it’s nice to know in advance what the ride will cost, and avoid nasty surprises when you get there. 02 Taxi’s business lead says Sami Kultala. “It is also easier to compare fixed price rides against each other, and the comparison is profitable because the price range is now wider than ever before. With the comparison option offered by 02 Taxi, you can save a surprising amount on the price of a taxi ride.”

Across the country, one thing stands out above the rest

In other parts of the country, the improved availability of taxis is much appreciated. “Usually, the taxi reform is highly criticized, but the results of the survey revealed that the reform is not only perceived as a negative thing among Finns. It is true that the liberalization of competition can be seen in the availability and prices of taxis.“, says Guldala.

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The positive aspects of the taxi reform divided opinions among Finns, and responses showed different local pressures. For example, in Uzima and Satagunda, the technological development of taxi ordering applications has been highly appreciated. The people of Ostrobothnia considered the change and reduction of prices to be the best aspect of the taxi reform, while increased competition in northern Ostrobothnia was considered the best change.

Most Finns still choose the first taxi in line at the Pole

The results of the survey showed that although Finns appreciated the increased choice and the opportunity to choose the taxi of their choice, more than half of the respondents said they would take the first taxi in line at the taxi stand. Taxi based on a familiar brand.

“It can be difficult to compare taxis standing at the pole, and the old rule of taking the first taxi in line still guides consumer behavior at the taxi pole. However, I believe that the importance of fixed prices derived from utilities and brand and customer experience, among other things, will grow even more in consumers’ choice criteria in the future”, Kultala says.

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