Teenage boy attacks stranger in Oulu – Suspicions: Impersonating a neo-Nazi

On suspicion, the minor assaulted the youth and stabbed him several times in the upper body.

On the evening of Tuesday 18 June there were several police patrols at Walkia Shopping Centre. Reader photo

On Tuesday around 9:30 pm, a minor boy was stabbed in shopping center Walkia. The boy confessed to the stabbing.

Police are yet to question the boy. In his opening speech, he implied that his motive for the bloodshed was racism. The victim is of foreign origin from Olu.

Crime Commissioner Marcus Kiskinen According to the current information, the boy did not know the deceased before, Ulu police said.

According to current understanding, the boy, who was alone in the shopping center, stabbed the teenager multiple times in the upper body with a knife. The attack was unexpected.

The victim managed to run for cover. He was given immediate first aid and his life is not in danger.

Not known to the police

The disciplinary supervisors of the shopping center caught the boy immediately after the act. According to Kiskinen, the arrest took place peacefully without much protest.

Immediately the police came. A bladed weapon was seized from the boy.

Kiskinen did not elaborate on the boy’s age. He is more than 15 years but less than 18 years. According to Kiskinen, the boy was not “an old acquaintance of the police”.

Among other things, police are carefully considering whether to detain the boy on suspicion of attempted murder, according to Kiskinen, due to his young age.

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According to Kiskinen, police have indications that the boy may have copied last week’s bloodbath, in which a neo-Nazi was linked to the far-right. Juhani Sebastian Lamsa, 33, attacked two children with a knife. According to current information, the trend of events is similar.

Improved tracking

The Valkia S-Market Herku was closed before the official closing time on Tuesday. Jussi Korhonen

According to Kiskinen, surveillance at the shopping center has been intensified. Police have also increased patrols in the central part of Olu.

Because of the violence on Tuesday evening, Kiiskinen says surveillance will be intensified.

– Such cases shock people.

The case is being investigated as attempted murder, but the title of the crime may still be mentioned.

The bloodshed last Thursday, June 13, is being investigated as two attempted murders. Lamsa then stabbed a 12-year-old boy of foreign origin several times. After this, Lämsä began chasing the boy’s 14-year-old friend.

Security guards caught Lams near the shopping center. The Oulu District Court remanded him in prison on Monday 17 June.

Police did not directly comment on whether Lämsä’s motive was suspected to be related to the victims’ background or whether the case was being investigated as a hate crime.

Due to the seriousness of the act and the person’s previous serious criminal background, Iltalehti exceptionally releases the suspect’s name during the preliminary investigation phase.

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