“That's where the humility comes from,” Elina Valtonen threw to the stub

Alexander Stubb, who writes the campaign's final letter, says he was initially a little skeptical about how people would react to his return.

With the presidential election set to take place on Sunday, the candidates are in the final stages of campaigning. On Saturday, Iltalehti will visit the election events of the top candidates.

The coalition's presidential candidate Alexander Stubb Dozens of people gathered in Helsinki's Naringatori around nine o'clock on Saturday morning. At the event he was inspected by the Foreign Minister, Vice President of the Alliance Elena Waldonen.

Stubb said the most memorable moment in the campaign was his wife By Suzanne Innes-Stubb Speech at the party meeting of the coalition where Stubb was elected as the presidential candidate. Along with this, Stubb told the audience a “family story”.

– 75 percent of our family are British and Finnish citizens. Oh, the number of receipts before April 4, 2023. “They said, 'Dad, don't worry, we're in NATO, yes we'll protect you,'” Stubb said, as the audience laughed.

Valdonen said he was waiting for Stubb in two weeks at the first tp-utva (Foreign and Defense Policy Ministerial Committee) meeting.

– If that happens, I wanted to say I was in tp-utta more than any of you, said Stubb.

– That's how humility came, Waldonen threw.

Prime Minister Petteri Orbo and Foreign Minister Elena Valdonen came out to support Stubbs on Saturday morning. Kaisa Vehkalahti

“Not yet in the light”

He works as a social science teacher Ollie Daskilati He came to the show with his daughters.

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– I hope they can see the leading politicians and the future president, there are ordinary people in politics, they are somewhere in a television and in the light, not so far away, Daskilahti said.

Daughters' wish to do a joint film with Stubb came true. The presidential candidate took time to cradle the two girls in his arms for a photo.

– Luckily I went to the gym in the morning, Stubb laughed.

Daskilati says he has already gone to vote, but the candidate selection is secret.

Stubb gathered people in Naringatori early on Saturday morning. Kaisa Vehkalahti

“I don't know if people remember anymore”

In recent Helsingin's Sanomat and Yell polls, Stubb still topped the polls, but his support in both polls declined. Meanwhile, Halla-Aho's popularity has increased and he remains in the top two.

– The bottom line is probably the deciding factor, we have done a good job over the last five and a half months. It's fine at the moment, but yes, tomorrow is very important for everyone, how people vote. Of course, a lot of preliminary votes have been cast, which I think is a good sign, Stubb told Iltalehde.

Stubb reiterated his statement that there are nine good candidates in the race, and that Finland is doing well in any case.

Are you still confident that the first place will come?

– I have done eight different campaigns throughout my life. Be confident only after the votes are counted.

Stubb said he was somewhat surprised by the rapid rise in support. Before leaving for the Stub Race, Becca Havisto (Green) Favorite.

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– You always have a little doubt. I've been out of politics for seven years and I don't know if people will remember who I am anymore, and I don't know how to react.

– In these difficult places in foreign and security policy, someone with specific experience, expertise, network and language skills is particularly needed, which may be a message of sorts. “I've followed the growth of support with humility and gratitude,” Stubb said.

Stubb took a group photo with his wife Suzanne Innes-Stubb in Naringaat. Kaisa Vehkalahti

Orphan: “Exciting”

The Prime Minister is the leader of the alliance Peter Orbo Stubb came to the event to cheer him on.

Orbo also isn't worried about Stubb's Gallup development.

– Alex's support is very consistent and we think he's at the top for a long time. As the campaign progressed, everyone reached their own party status. Yes, we are in a good and optimistic mood, but the work will be done right to the end, Orbo told Iltalehde.

Petteri Orbo expressed confidence that Stubb would win the race. Kaisa Vehkalahti

On election night, Orpo goes to Stubb's election monitors to see the vote count.

-Even though he has been involved in this for so long and held elections, it is sensational. For the first time in a long time, you're not running yourself, which is very different, you're very much living in candidate building.

Foreign Minister Waldonen said he thought it was good that the race for the presidency was tight.

– We live in a democracy where every vote counts and tomorrow is the actual voting day. Of course, as Vice-President of the Alliance, I am confident that Alexander Stubbs will be the next President of the Republic of Finland, he said.

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Binja Sariaho came with her father, Warren Hodder. They are going to vote for Stubb. “The situation is tighter than I thought, but I believe the right man will win,” Hodder said. Kaisa Vehkalahti

Edited at 12:24: Stubb's quote changed 2022 to 2023. At the event Stubb talked about a date of 4 April 2022, but mentioned Finland joining NATO on 4 April 2023.

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