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Yle tried hard to cover UMK artists before the launch, but this year it failed miserably, writes HS culture editor Juuso Määttänen.

This year In the announcement of UMK contestants, the biggest news is not the artists.

Let's start with: Sian Giggs is desperate to be Finland's Eurovision representative in the new music contest. Sexman, Sarah Cipola, Jesse Markin, Windows95man And Henry Bisbanen, Vandalism here Mixed Michael Gabriel And Nublu.

What's more interesting than rival coverage is that all the artists are known beforehand. Let's talk about a data leak – UMK's chief producer couldn't deny it ANCI AUTO or Chairman of the UMK Council Tapio Haganenka.

In December 2023 In the Eurovision fan club, a reliable and impressive list was published, which is said to be some information about this year's UMK participants. At the top of the list it read Yle and the top of the paper was watermarked “Confidential – Internal Use Only”.

The list quickly started circulating on various Eurovision fan discussion forums. For example, on the Eurovision channel of Zodel's anonymous chat app, there was a lot of debate about whether the list was real.

No discussion needed now. It had its place.

Like the cherry on top of the cake, Yell managed to time his upcoming Instagram posts on the day of the UMK artists' announcement to give sneaky fans an early reveal.

Among other things, on news service X, a few hours before the official announcement of the artists, a video clip of Yle was shared, in which all the artists and the names of their songs were revealed.

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Of course, this is not the first time that UMK artists have leaked to the public before their time. Most recently, last year, the artists were revealed the day before the announcement. This year the leak was exceptionally bad: UMK artists were known to interested parties weeks before the actual announcement.

It's a shame, an embarrassing mistake.

On Wednesday At the UMK artist announcement event, Autio and Hakanen chose an informative line in which they admitted their annoyance but at the same time praised the fans' interest.

“There were all kinds of lists circulating online, but I found one, which was seven correct and an extra number on top. Of course, it was sad when I saw it, but at the same time you have to have a little respect for people who were able to dig up the information,” Auto said.

“I'm not saying I was happy when I saw that list. But on the other hand, you should be happy that we have an incredibly passionate fan community. Probably nowhere else like this. Let's knock over all the stones and stumps,” Hakanen said.

Is it serious to leak artists' names to the public in advance? Not necessarily, but it's embarrassing for Yle. The aim is to create an annual mass display from the announcement of UMK artists, which is triggered, among other things, by the publication of special notes.

If a significant portion of the core target group believes they are already aware of upcoming artists, building excitement is adversely affected.

No wonder so many fans were upset. Some are demanding that Yle be held accountable for their misdeeds.

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According to Autio, next year Yle will have to refine its process again so that artists don't leak out to the public prematurely. Let's see what this means.

This year Before listening to the songs, UMK's artist coverage can be considered very flat. Last year's winner Blanket The influence is undeniable as most of the participants are known rap and hip-hop artists: this category includes Jesse Markin, Sexman, Cine Sabotage, Michael Gabriel and Nublu.

Of course, based on this, one still can't expect their UMK song to be rap. For example, Jesse Mark's music has veered more towards rock in recent years. Michael Gabriel and Nublu told HS in an interview that their song is not primarily a rap song.

One is not included Danny's This is Tommi Läntinen Like a veteran artist with decades of experience. The hero division is represented by Jesse Markin and Michael Gabriel, both still in their forties. Of course, the rock band Sian Giggs, who will be performing at UMK for the second time in three years, is a conker of sorts.

It is difficult to say that this group is a very strong front-runner. For example, in 2022, Rasmus' path to UMK victory was strong from the start. This makes UMK very tickled.

Windows95man, a so-called comic character, can be considered a wild card of sorts Teemu KeisteriIt features a song by a previously unknown singer Henry Bisbanen with.

Keisteri himself admitted at HS that it was easy to see the same attitude as Käärijä a year ago in his sense of humor and laid-back attitude. How far it goes is another matter.

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Absolutely Its own chapter is how often artists and Yell will have to answer questions about Israel in the coming weeks and whether Israel's participation in Eurovision should be allowed while the Gaza war is ongoing.

At Wednesday's press conference, artists had mixed opinions on the matter. Cine Sabotage, one of the seven, said Israel would not be able to participate in Eurovision. The majority transferred responsibility for the decision to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

A clear line was chosen to emphasize that UMK is actually a separate competition and that UMK has little to do with Eurovision.

It might sound a little naive to say that.

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