The bodies of at least 14 people were found on the outskirts of the Haitian capital

In Haiti, located on the Caribbean Sea, the bodies of at least 14 people were found on Monday in what was described as a prosperous suburb of the country's capital, Port-au-Prince.

The backdrop is three weeks of unrest involving armed criminal gangs.

The goal of mob groups is to overthrow an unpopular prime minister Ariel HenryHe announced his resignation last week.

Among other things, an interim administration is to be established in the country until elections are held. On Sunday, the UN described the situation in Haiti as dire and the worst in decades.

– Many people are suffering from severe hunger and they are not getting enough help, says the head of the UN children's agency UNICEF Catherine Russell said.

According to witnesses, the violence began in the early hours of Monday local time, when gunmen attacked at least one bank, a petrol station and people's homes in the Besion-Ville area. Gunshots were also heard in the afternoon.

The situation in Haiti remains critical, although the United States said on Monday that it expected the formation of an interim government to be ready as early as Monday. However, no further details about the arrangements were given. A crisis meeting was organized last week on the situation in Haiti.

Haiti is in dire straits as criminal gangs control large parts of the country. Several EU countries and the United States, among others, have pulled their staff out of Haiti as the crisis deepens.

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