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Artur Karaman, who bought Hotel Bungaharju, says he does not know who owns the property of his former hotel in Kotka. The majority owners of the building are two directors of Gazprom.

The main building of Hotel Bungaharju was built in the 1840s. Businessman Arthur Karaman bought the hotel in early January. Photo: Sara-Mira Kokkonen / Yell

The new owner of Hotel Bungaharju Arthur Karaman He ran a hotel in Khotka, located on a property owned by directors of the Russian gas company Gazprom.

Russian men owned nearly 60 percent of the assets of Hotel Liger, which operated in Kotka. The third owner of the property is Cyprus Holding Company.

Gazprom bosses are currently on Canada's sanctions list, but not the EU's. They worked in management positions at Russian state-owned Gazprom.

Hotel Legari is going bankrupt by the end of 2022. Nowadays, a new hotel with different owners is operating in the complex.

The company, owned by businessman Arthur Karaman, bought Hotel Bungaharju out of bankruptcy in January. According to trade registry information, Karaman is a US citizen, but his background is Estonian-Russian.

Pungaharju Hotel is owned by a businessman Sammy Hoyer, And the steps to the hotel are closely followed in public. It was once called Valtionhotelli. The history of this building dates back to the tsarist era.

Helsing's Sanomat newspaper reported on Thursday, an investigation request has been submitted to the Southeast Finland Police regarding Karamani. According to the newspaper, it is related to a case related to real estate loans.

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Karaman: I am asking the owners name for the first time

Artur Karaman writes in his e-mail that he asked for the names of the Russians who owned the hotel property for the first time when he asked for the MOT.

– We do not know who owns Kiinteistö Oy Kotka Leikari or who are the board members of the company. Karaman wrote in his message that we took care of practical matters with a representative of Real Estate Ltd. He did not say who the representative was.

Karaman did not agree to a phone interview and did not respond to some questions in an email. For example, the MOT asked about Karaman's background and financiers. He has said before Kaimen Sanomat In the interview he said that he worked as a businessman in the hotel and tourism industry in the US.

– I decided to invest in Finland because I fell in love with this country. Finland has everything a person needs, Karaman wrote in his email.

Bankruptcy behind

The operations of Hotelli Leikar in Kotka were previously run by Hotel Scandinavian Oy. Arthur Karaman is one of its three owners.

The hotel property, on the other hand, is owned by another Finnish company, Koi Kotkan Likari.

According to the commercial register, the owners of this company and at the same time two managers working in the financial department of the hotel property Gazprom and a Cypriot company.

Another director has held responsible positions in a British company owned by Gazprom. Based on data leaked from Pandora's documents, he owned a company in Panama.

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Neither man could be reached for comment by MOT. For example, management would have been interested in knowing why they decided to buy a hotel property in southeast Finland.

According to existing law, Russians need permission from the Ministry of Defense to buy real estate in Finland. However, the property of the Hotel Leiker was acquired before the Act came into force.

Hotel actor Kotgassa

A few years ago, the owners of the Hotel Leiker in Kotka were managers of the Russian state-owned company Gazprom. Photo: Antro Valo / Yle

Kotka property has a new owner

The Lykari Hotel property at Kotka was later sold.

Today, its main owners are a Portuguese woman born in 1993 and a Cypriot woman born in 1960. Both have Russian names.

According to the trade register, the duo owns 74 percent of the property. It is not clear from public sources who owns the remaining shares.

MOT was unable to reach any women for an interview.

There is information about the Cypriot woman from the leak that came to light in the fall of 2023, ie. Cyprus Confidentialista.

In 2016, he bought a holiday home in Savonlinna, the ownership of which was transferred to a Cypriot company based on documents found in the data leak.

Since 2014, almost three thousand Russians have obtained Cypriot citizenship. Cyprus has attracted Russians to invest in Cyprus or through Cyprus through so-called golden visas. Investing in the island nation was conditioned.

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