The chased BMW is about to crash straight into the photographer

In Nelosti, a car ran off the road during a police operation. The police used a spike mat, after which the car slid into a ditch.

On Nelostie near Vehniä in Laukaa, a traffic accident occurred on Friday evening in connection with a police operation.

In a press release, the Interior Finland Police Department says it received a report of a stolen vehicle at around 7pm on Friday. The patrolling police tried to stop the car, but the driver fled from the police.

In this situation the police used a spiked carpet, after which the chased car ran off the road. The driver of the hijacked car was taken to hospital.

According to Iltalehti, the passenger car went into the ditch through the oncoming lane after the spike mat. No bystanders were injured in the incident.

Still image from the video. A BMW car turns straight towards the car where the photographer is sitting. Reader’s photo

The situation disrupted traffic at Nelosti, but traffic is now running normally.

Police continue to investigate motor vehicle theft, drink driving, driving without a license and endangering traffic safety.

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