The Colorado Avalanche came from four goals down to win the NHL

The Avalanche got worse in the 36th minute of the game when the Penguins were already up 4-0. Penguins captain, NHL superstar Sidney Crosby Was a part of every goal of his team with 1+3 power points.

However, the guests' happiness ended there. The Avalanche closed within two goals in the final minutes of the second period Sean Walker And Yaakov Trenin attacked

The rise continued in the third period. Jonathan Drouin And Nathan MacKinnon Leveled the hosts with their goals. MacKinnon first assisted on Drouin's goal, and then the pattern went the other way.

Nathan MacKinnon extends his scoring streak to 18 games - Jonathan Drouin scores over Colorado's goal


This is how the 3-4 reduction of Johan Drouin was born.

Colorado's ruthless streak paid off - Nathan MacKinnon went 4-4


I saw Nathan MacKinnon tie the game 4-4.

In overtime, Drouin came up big and gave the Avalanche the win.

The overtime goal can be seen in the video above.

Drouin 2+1=3, MacKinnon 1+2=3 and Devon Toews 0+2.

MacKinnon's streak was extended to 18 games. The Avalanche celebrated their ninth straight win.

A goal for Puljujarvi, an assist for Bustinen

The Finns' offensive players were effective in the game Jesse Puljujarvi And Valtteri Pustinen.

Puljujärvi scored the first goal of the match in the opening set: he hit free spinners from the hole after breaking free from the rink a moment earlier. It was his second goal of the NHL season.

Jesse Puljujarvi, free from ice jam, hits loops - Pittsburgh leads Colorado host


Jesse Puljujarvi freed himself from the ice — and then the Colorado Avalanche shook his back.

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Pustinen, on the other hand, failed to make it 3-0 in the second period when Crosby's brilliant header from the corner of the goal.

Sidney Crosby's most stylish win - Valtteri Pustinen scores a wild goal


Here's how Sidney Crosby directed Valtteri Bustison's stylish hit on the puck.

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