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According to the police, the manufacture and sale of unauthorized weapons was deliberate and professional. There are a total of five suspects in the crime complex.

Some of the weapons seized by the police. Photo: Southwest Finland Police Department

Police in southwestern Finland are closing preliminary investigations into a crime case where decommissioned firearms were turned into operational weapons and sold at an automotive factory in Salou.

In early March, the police conducted a raid in which 21 licensed firearms, licensed firearm parts, cartridges, unlicensed firearms and defunct firearms were seized from the company's premises.

Most of the weapons seized were guns, but there were also serial guns and their parts. Apart from these, the police seized vehicles and personal weapons from the person who bought the weapons.

Police: A formal and professional function

The crime complex has a total of five suspects, two of whom are in jail.

One of them mainly manufactured weapons and the other smuggled them. Both of them are no longer in custody, according to a release from the South-West Finland Police.

Two of the suspects are suspected of selling arms and ammunition. An arms manufacturer has received arms and their parts from a suspect. Both suspects purchased firearms and cartridges or cartridges only.

All the suspects were born between 1960s and 1980s. Four of them live in southwest Finland and one in Meri-Lapp.

According to the Southwestern Finland Police, the manufacture and sale of unauthorized weapons is planned and professional.

– The weapons appear to have been improvised and aimed at substantial financial gain, the Crime Commissioner of the Organized Crime Investigation Team in Turku describes. Thomas Kure South West Finland Police Bulletin.

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The complex, which includes serious firearms offenses and firearms offences, is likely to go to trial in February 2024.

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