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Tapio Rugalta from Kusamo and The Room from Helsinki received a star as new restaurants. Finland did not get three stars this time either.

Restaurant Vår in Porvoo received Green Star recognition in addition to a Michelin star last year. Photo: Meera Bag / Yell

The Michelin stars of Nordic restaurants were announced this evening in Helsinki.

New restaurants Room from Helsinki and Tapio Ruka from Kuusamo received a star.

Tapio is the restaurant’s second owner Connor Laybourn He said at the event that he was relieved because it had been difficult for the North to get recognition so far. Laybourn runs the restaurant with his wife Johanna Maurujarviwith n.

Due to its location, Tapio is the most north-eastern restaurant in the guide, while at the same time in the whole world, whose wall has been decorated with a star this year.

A Finnish-English couple runs their small restaurant with two people. Johanna is responsible for the 18-seater hall and Connor for the kitchen. You do everything yourself, including cleaning and washing dishes – no helping hands.

According to a press release sent out by the Ruka-Kuusamo Tourism Organization, Tapio, a restaurant named after the King of the Forest, offers its customers a seasonally changing menu where northern, unique ingredients play an important role.

Tapio gets raw materials from reindeer and wild products from berries and vegetables from his own Mourujärvi family farm. The restaurant’s drinks list also includes natural wines and Finnish beers.

Another new Michelin-starred Finnish restaurant of Goshen Shivan The Room Restaurant in Helsinki.

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Born in the Kurdish region of Iraq, Shivan created a restaurant experience based on his own life.

This is Finland’s fastest Michelin star, Šivan said at the gala. The restaurant opened its doors last fall.

Received a green star awarded for sustainable gastronomy Ari Ruho Pilot restaurant Nokka from Helsinki.

In addition, new restaurants 305 and Plein, from Helsinki, are noted for their good price-quality ratio.

No new two-star restaurants come to Finland this time.

Since last year, the Palace restaurant in Helsinki has two Michelin stars.

Also, not a single Finnish restaurant received three stars this year.

Since last year, the following restaurants have a Michelin star: Demo (which will cease operations in July), Finjavel Salonki from Helsinki, Krone and Olo, Kaskis Restaurant from Turku and Vaar Restaurant from Porvoo.

The Michelin Guide announces the best restaurants in the Nordic countries in different cities in different years. The award ceremony was held in Helsinki for the first time. The event will feature restaurants from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

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