The eastern border will be properly sealed, and preparations must now be made for the problems Russia may cause along the border in late spring.

On Thursday, the government decided to extend the closure of the eastern border by more than two months. Although this solution makes it difficult for tens of thousands of ordinary people to communicate across borders, in the end there is no alternative.

We also have neighbors who like to bother us. That is why we must respond decisively to sending migrants to the border.

A brief opening of the border in December indicated that Russian operations would continue. Despite making life difficult for Finno-Russians, the country's maneuver machinery is still in no hurry to change its operations. The group's problems are in the What Matters From the Kremlin's Point of View section.

The complete closure of the eastern border will continue for two months, Interior Minister Mari Randanen announced on Thursday.

Photo: Heikki Soukoma / Lehtikua

Finland Now we have to think about how to operate in the long term at the border. According to the Border Guard Act, the government can decide to close a border crossing point for a specified period of time or until further notice if national security is necessary.

Demand should not be taken lightly. It should be noted that there is a growing consensus on this issue in Finland. Last fall, voices critical of the government's actions were largely silenced. It is felt that naivety is not good when dealing with Russia.

Finland is committed to many international agreements. However, the world has changed since the conclusion of the Geneva Refugee Convention in 1951, for example. As President Sauli Niinistö said on Wednesday, state abuse of the right to asylum was unimaginable at the time. Now it is European everyday life.

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On vacation By the end of the year, there is already little snow in the forests of the southern part of the eastern border. At that time we will experience the same as a few years ago on the borders of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland during the operation by Belarus.

Interior Minister Mari Rantanen (ps.) said on Thursday that authorities are preparing new measures to combat Russian activities. The aim is to speed up the construction of the barrier.

On the much-talked-about border procedural law, Randanen, on the other hand, played down expectations. It is not a law that rejects unreasonable asylum applications at the border.

Since last fall, third-country nationals crossing the eastern border have yet to receive favorable asylum decisions. Immigration officials may first deal with the most obvious cases, i.e. cases involving pure migration.

It is regrettable that those who are truly in need of asylum become disabled. However, Russia also poses no immediate threat to the group. There is no civil war or serious unrest in the country. Material conditions can certainly be worse.

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