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Nikolai Patrushev received a new mission.

Nikolai Patrushev is one of Vladimir Putin’s closest “Siloviks”. All Over Press

Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed Nikolai Patrushev as his adviser, the Kremlin said.

The fate of Patrushev, known as a longtime ally of Putin, was left up in the air when it was announced at the weekend that Sergei Shoigu would replace him as secretary general of Russia’s influential Security Council. Shoigu will be sworn in as Defense Minister.

Patrushev and Putin already knew each other in the KGB in the 1970s. Putin replaced Patrushev as head of the security service FSB when he elevated him to the presidency at the turn of the millennium. Patrushev, known as “Putin’s right-hand man”, also reportedly urged Putin to launch a large-scale attack on Ukraine.

So far, there is no information about the detailed content of Patrušev’s new advisory position. At the same time, Putin also appointed the governor of the Tula region as his adviser Alexey DzhuminHis former bodyguard.

The personnel changes are part of Putin’s administration overhaul. Putin was sworn in last week for a fifth term as president.

Anton Vaino continues as head of the presidential administration Alexey Kromov and Sergey Krienko as his deputy. Putin’s former financial adviser is vice president Maxim Oreshkin.

Dmitry Peskov will continue to be consulted as the Kremlin’s spokesman.

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