The film about the stripper won the prestigious Palme d’Or

Director Sean Baker’s dream come true. ZumaWire / MVPHOTOS

This year the Golden Palm (Palm d’Or) was awarded Anora.

Directed by Sean Baker, the film is about a stripper who marries a Russian multi-millionaire.

Critics have described the film as “a gem”. Baker is said to have made his style more palatable to the general public.

“Anora” stars Mikey Madison as the female lead. ZumaWire / MVPHOTOS

It was praised by the jury of the Cannes Film Festival Anuran The human touch.

– It captured our hearts, made us laugh, then broke our hearts, led the group Barbie– As described by director Greta Gerwig.

Director Baker was very happy. In his acceptance speech, he said that he has been chasing the golden palm for 30 years.

Winners at Cannes

Palme d’Or: Anora

Grand prize, high award, great reward: Everything we imagine is light

Best Direction: Miguel Gomez for the film The Grand Tour

Jury Award: Emilia Perez

Special Award: Image of the Seed of Saints

Best Actress Award: Selena Gomez, Carla Sophie Gascon, Zoe Saldana, Adriana Bass Emilia Perez

Best Actor Award: Jesse Plemons in the film Kinds of Kindness

Best Screenplay: Coralie Forget for the film Meaning

Technical Credit: Daria D’Antonio CST Award for Cinematography Parthenope

CST’s Award for a Young Film Technician: Evgenia Alexandrova for Film Girls on the balcony

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