The game saw Sweden finally break the Lions’ one-and-done streak that ended the Jukka Jalonen era.

The era of Jukka Jalonen, the longest-serving and most successful head coach in the history of the Finnish men’s national ice hockey team, came to an end late Thursday evening, losing to Sweden in the quarterfinals of the Leijonat World Cup. 1-2 goals.

In the match in Ostrava, Finland had the best finish of his career, but Sweden, exhausted by three NHL players, eventually beat their opponents.

In the opener, Sweden, winners of all competitions, faced first Finland’s best goalkeeper Emil Larmey and then Finland’s men as a whole, from whom Hans Björninen equalized a minute before the end of normal time.

– This match ended with an exciting match. “We were very good, considering the opponent,” Jalonen said.

In extra time, Joel Eriksson scored a great power play. The weak backlash was the first of Lejon’s racing career. Alivoima was the most useful part of Legion until the last moments.

The loss of Consta Helenius saddened Jallow.

– The bat doesn’t hit the glove.

“good sir”

Sweden started the match fast, but Finland held on under the leadership of goalkeeper Larmi. Björninen’s chain, who rocked Sweden with his tackles, and Juha Jaska got Leijonas into the game after a difficult start.

Finland won just three of seven matches in the preliminary series and qualified for the playoffs with Britain’s help, but Lejonat never had to give up on strength.

A weaker quartet led by Björninen and Arttu Hyry also started to work against Sweden. In the opening set, Lejonaud killed Juzo Rigola to ice it.

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– Dear Saku A cheer erupted from the crowd as Saku Menelain blocked the Swede’s shot.

Menalanen himself was benched at the start of the second period, but Iro Bakarinen was lucky to keep Sweden scoreless next to Björninen.

– In the beginning we were tight, but then we improved, Menalainen spoke.

For example, Larmey withstood Eriksson Egi’s first point in the opening set and NHL veteran Marcus Johansson’s shot in the second set. Late in the second period, Laramie deflected a puck shot from close range by two-time Stanley Cup winner Andrei Burakovsky.

– Aja, the crowd asked as Menelanen went to soften up one of the Sweden players with his tackle.

“Press the Bustola”

A high work ethic and fight was the only means of Finland’s victory against Sweden, which was expected to be superior. The Lions’ underdog position was emphasized when captain Michael Granlund was sidelined for the first series final due to his suspension.

– We wanted to play for “Mike” to play on Saturday as well, Jalonen emphasized the semi-final where Granlund would have played again.

In the third period, Leijonat held off Björninen on the ice and was able to play with superiority after that, but aside from the chaos created by Helenius’ chain, the effort was poor.

– Press Bustola, Press, The crowd cheered on Helenius winger Patrick Bustola.

After excellence, Sweden’s Rasmus Dahl surprised Larmin.

Five years ago, at the World Cup in Slovakia, Finland tied against “NHL-Sweden” in the quarter-finals and decided it in extra time. Even now, head coach Jalonen’s team equalized when Björninen put the puck into the net a minute before the end of real time.

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– Everything is left behind. “I’m proud of this fight,” said a disappointed Björninen.

Finland couldn’t find the overtime winner this time, but Eriksson Ake scored the winning goal during Helenius’ ice-out.

– Even the World Cup final was lost in overtime, Menelainen mentioned three years ago when asked about his feelings after the match.

Head coach Jalonen, who lasted two seasons and a total of 11 seasons, doesn’t want to sum up his time as a head coach. The last season, which began in 2018, was particularly successful, with Lejonaud achieving Olympic gold, two World Championship golds and one World Championship silver.

– This game is at the top of my mind. Vex.

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