The Helsinki Stock Exchange is open and earnings season is gathering pace

The Helsinki Stock Exchange opened on Monday.

During the review, the general index rose 0.8 percent to 9,919 points.

Developments in the Helsinki stock market turned sour last week, with the general index falling below 10,000 points mid-week. The index fell every day, and the one-week minus turned 3.5 percent last week.

Stocks traded heavily Cargotec (+1,7 %), Nokia (+1.3 %) and Tito Every (-1.0%). Cargotec's shares traded on a large volume this morning. TietoEvry was also on the count list in the morning.

The company announced on Saturday that Taitovri's data center in Sweden was the target of a malicious attack. The shock also affects Tietoevry's customers in Sweden, but since the weekend efforts have been made to rectify the situation.

Nordea shares rose 1.1 percent to trade at 11.10 euros.

He climbed into the upper group of those who rose in the morning Adm increasing by more than four percent.

This week, the real start of the results season for the Helsinki Stock Exchange comes with the online giant on Thursday Nokia Publishes its financial statements. On the same day, we will also acquire a property management company Your wedding As a result.

Friday is the day of big companies, telecom operators Eliza And Delia Publish their financial statements. Apart from them, Lyft company is also consulted machine Conclusion The fourth decision announcer of the day was a small fur wholesaler Saga furs.

Many analysts' target prices and recommendations were changed in the morning.

Inderes It reckons it has already announced its results last week Admicomin It kept the target price unchanged at EUR 45.0 from EUR 48.0 previously and added recommendation.

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Interest also fell Sanoman Target price 7.5 euros (previously 7.0 euros) and reiterated reduction recommendation

Danes counts Huhtamagi Hold the volume from the buy level and repeat the target price of 38 euros.

Danske raises With Securen The target price ranges from 1.30 euros to 1.40 euros and reiterates the osat recommendation.

Further OP Withsecure raises its target price to EUR 2.00 (previously EUR 1.90) and reiterates its BUY recommendation.

Danske reckons Nokian tires The target price rises from EUR 10.50 to EUR 9.30, and reiterates the BUY recommendation.

JP Morgan lift up SSAB: n The target price is 8.68 euros from 7.97 euros, and reiterates an additional recommendation.

JP Morgan reckons Outokumpu The target price is EUR 4.00 from EUR 4.60 and reiterates the hold recommendation.

Carnegie lift up of Eliza The target price is from 41 euros to 42 euros and reiterates the sell recommendation.

SEB counts liquid The target price is 45 euros from 47 euros and reiterates a buy recommendation.

Monday was a quiet day as far as economic data was concerned, with the forecast business cycle index from December available from the US. However, this week, the European Central Bank's interest rate decision on Thursday is expected among others. The central banks of Turkey and Norway will also decide on their key interest rates on Thursday. The Bank of Japan will decide on its key interest rate on Tuesday.

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