The Helsinki Stock Exchange turned positive, with Neste and Bittium emerging

The Helsinki Stock Exchange's general index was up 0.03 percent at 9,896 points on Friday, after the general index hit a long-term low earlier in the day.

It was the most traded stock In thisIt has increased to 6.7 percent. From Neste's point of view, the end of political strikes that have affected fuel supplies at home next week is positive news.

The third was the most exchanged Nordic A decline of more than 1 percent in the morning eased later in the day, and shares fell 0.1 percent.

Third most traded stock NokiaIt fell to a 2.4 percent decline.

Dividend issuance has weighed on the prices of many companies.

Outokumpu (-7.7 %) and Gopher (-2.4%) The dividend was announced on Friday. Dividends came too Dorelda (-2.4 %), Roudelta, returned (-2,0 %), From Finland (-1,4 %), From UPM (-1.1 %) and From the Wolf Companies (+1,9).

He climbed over the ridges phytium (+12.5%) said the Defense Minister Andy Hokkanen Puolustusvoimat has been authorized to sign a joint venture agreement with Pitium's subsidiary Pitium Wireless Oy:n with the years 2025-2036. The goal is to sign the contract in 2024, according to Pitium's press release.

Finnair (-2.9%) released traffic data for March in the morning, according to which traffic did not increase from the comparison period.

is safe (-1.1%) The Supreme Court (KKO) announced that it had sentenced the former CEO of software company Comptel. Juhani Hindikan Suspended sentence for misappropriation of inside information. Hindika is currently the CEO of WithSecure. Comptel was bought from the stock market in 2017.

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Logistics Company Nurminen Logistics (+2.3%) issued a press release denying false and misleading claims made in the media about its operations in Russia.

Analysts' recommendation changes page Inderes Raised Duellin From the previous decrease level to the increase level of the recommendation. The target price was reiterated at EUR 0.04.

OP Fat Atrium A target price of 10.50 euros is reiterated from the previous bullish level to the suggested bearish level.

Barclays Raised Wartsila The target price was EUR 9.40 (previously EUR 9.00), and the reduction recommendation was repeated.

City Raised UPM: n Target price EUR 33.50 (previously EUR 32.00) and reiterated a hold recommendation.

Carnegie Raised Nokian tires The target price was 8.80 euros from 8.00 euros previously, and kept the hold recommendation unchanged.

On Friday, we also got a comprehensive labor market report in the US, which the central bank, the Fed, is watching closely. The report included an increase in non-farm and industrial employment in March.

The report completely defied predictions. The country added 303,000 nonfarm jobs, while economists had forecast only 214,000 new jobs.

More jobs were created for nearly a year, while the unemployment rate fell as expected. So the US labor market is very strong.

However, wage growth slowed to 4.1% in March from 4.3% in February, in line with expectations.

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