The Helsinki stock market rose on a quiet news day

The Helsinki stock market was up at the close on Monday. The general index rose 0.7 percent to 9,910.48 points.

At the start of the year, the general index did not catch up with US stock markets, for example, falling below 10,000 points again in the middle of last week. The index fell every day, turning minus 3.5 percent in a week.

Among the most traded stocks on Monday Nordea 1.3 percent and Nokia rose 0.1 percent. Cargotec gained 2.6 percent and Titovri fell 1.6 percent to enter the most traded list.

Cargotec's shares traded on a large volume this morning. On the other hand, Titovri's data center in Sweden was the target of a threat attack. The company announced the matter on Saturday. The shock also affects Tietoevry's customers in Sweden, but since the weekend efforts have been made to rectify the situation.

The largest increase of the day was recorded by the Medical Technology Institute Nanoform 13.4 percent upside.

Monday Gaming Company Rovio Last on the Helsinki Stock Exchange's list. In the redemption process, the shares will be owned by the Japanese company Sega.

Focuses on solar energy technology Respect The process of corporate restructuring begins. The company submitted an application for reorganization at the beginning of last December, while the pension company Ilmarinen filed for bankruptcy. Trading in the company's shares has been suspended and resumption of trading will be communicated separately, the company said.

Monday was quiet in terms of company news. This week, however, the real start of the results season for the Helsinki Stock Exchange was on Thursday, when the online giant Nokia Publishes its financial statements. On the same day, we will also acquire a property management company Your wedding As a result.

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Friday is the day of big companies, telecom operators Eliza And Delia Publish their financial statements. Apart from them, Lyft company is also consulted machine Conclusion The fourth decision announcer of the day was a small fur wholesaler Saga furs.

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