The knife attack in Oulu brought to mind the terror attack in Turku and the slums of big cities.

At the shopping center in Walkia on Friday, there was only one topic of conversation: Thursday’s stabbing, in which a child was seriously injured.

A woman walks in the center of Oulu on Friday afternoon on Kesakatu, which runs through the Walkia shopping center.

– I am where it happened, he says on the phone.

A man walks in another direction with a phone to his ear.

– He says he’s the same guy who stabbed Zyvaskyla.

Everyone knows that on Thursday evening, a 12-year-old child was unexpectedly stabbed in the Kesakadu in front of the entrance.

It is known that the victim was of foreign origin and the stabber was chasing another child of foreign origin with a knife. He managed to escape, but the stabbing victim was seriously injured.

The people of Oulu also know that a man with a strong neo-Nazi background, who was convicted in the 2013 stabbing case at the Jyväskylä library, was involved in the act.

The incident will be talked about in the cafés and corridors of Valke at noon on Friday, but only a few want to open their thoughts to the media. Most say nothing, and some say a few words in haste.

One person, who declined to be interviewed, said the incident was reminiscent of a 2017 stabbing in Turku that left two people dead.

– If this is terrorism, what is it? After saying that, he continues on his way.

Milja and Venla Ylidalo stopped at the stabbing site in Valkea. They said they are not afraid of whatever happens. Jussi Korhonen

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“Still here in Valkia”

The shopping center Valkia is located in the center of Oulu. In fact, the center in Oulu couldn’t be more.

Valkea was completed in 2016. It was built around one of the main streets of the city, which now leads through the shopping center to Isokadu. The passageway is open around the clock and is called Summer Street.

There have been incidents of unrest and crime in and around Valkia before. Youths have looted the place. Last summer, the city of Oulu removed the benches from the square in front of Valkea, so that people with substance abuse problems, which are considered a nuisance, have to go elsewhere.

Last year, the police ordered the Ozuzkuppa Arena to increase the number of security guards at Valkya.

Although it has happened before, Thursday’s punch was an event in a class of its own.

Venla And Milja Ylidalo Stop at Kesakadu where the stabbing took place.

– Something like this is difficult to happen during the day and here in Valkea, says Venla Ylidalo.

In my own bubble

The suspected perpetrator’s far-right background and the incident’s possible connection to the far-right make Ylitalot think. They did not observe any terrorist movement in Oulu.

– At least I wasn’t paying attention. Maybe that’s why you want to live in your own bubble and not even think about it, Venla Ylidalo reflects.

Whatever happens, the apartment buildings in the center of Oulu promise that they are not afraid. They consider Olu a safe place.

– At least compared to what is available in some places abroad. It’s really nothing to be afraid of, says Venla Ylidalo.

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Another passerby, who declined to be interviewed, compared what happened to foreign countries.

– I cannot understand that in Finland, in Oulu, in the middle of a bright day, they try to kill children like some slum in a big city. I don’t understand what is going on here. What can I say to this?

Security point in shopping center Valkea. Jussi Korhonen

Next to the security point

The stabbing incident took place on Thursday a few meters away from the designated security point. If one is absent, the guard can be alerted from the spot.

On Friday, guards stand around the security point from time to time.

They become completely silent. Whoever is banned from commenting is banned from commenting.

A security guard apologizes for his silence. Disappointment is noticeable in his voice as the industry he represents is shown in a more positive light for once.

Later, Raila was the head of the Northern Finland division responsible for Valkea’s security services Mati Aladalo Iltalehte said two bodyguards were nearby when Thursday’s boxing took place.

One of them immediately began to give first aid to the victim, while the other caught the stabber. According to Aladalo, the guards are going to be rewarded for their exemplary work.

Central Crime Branch police said a security guard present may have prevented the stabber from causing further damage.

The guard stopped and caught the stabbing suspect a few hundred meters from Valkea on the ramp leading to the parking cave under the center of Oulu.

Thursday’s stabbing took place inside the entrance shown in the picture. The police car in the picture is in the open, from which the city of Oulu removed the benches due to disruption caused by drug abuse problems. Jussi Korhonen

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