The Lions are now stunning at the World Cup with their toughness

what Consta Helenius Fate? how Michael from Greenland Get the best out of it? Who will beat Granlund’s side?

The album has been playing on sofas in Prague and at home throughout the start of the week.

A threshold issue for the Lions has been put on the back burner despite many areas being in a strong position.

Lejonad had already improved significantly in games against Great Britain on Sunday and Norway on Monday after defeats in the Czech Republic. Lejonnet was poor against the Czech Republic in the first and second periods.

When Finland found some footballing composure in their game, the direction had already turned against the Czech Republic. Lejonaud continued this in British and Norwegian plants.

Lejonnet has scored 12 goals in three matches so far. A second reading of goal difference means slightly forgetting the number of shots allowed.

For Lejon, it was exactly one (statistically, two after a tough defeat by the Czech Republic).

Norwegian Max Crookdahl Escaped the ice to drive, after which he impressively put the puck into the top corner of the Finnish goal. This is Lejon’s rare beauty mistake.

– Yes, if you don’t know how to defend well, you won’t win any championship. It doesn’t matter what series or tournament it is, Legionnaire’s head coach Jukka Jalonen he told MTV Urheilu when asked about the Lions defense.

Jalonen talks about attitude and “pride in what you do.”

The tenacious defense of lions is built on a number of factors. A big influencing factor is that Finland’s back ranks have tough-quality hair-asses, i.e. very strong self-righteous people. Examples of these Ollie Mata, Rasmus Risanen And Brother Matty Vitasmaki. Large-scale custodians who take care of their own bread with incredible quality.

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In addition to individual expertise, the collective contributes to the bottom line. The eponymous World Cup pack of lions dutifully defends and does not shirk its duties. After the first half-hour of the game against the Czech Republic, the Lions lacked any real high-quality scoring opportunities.

Lejonat defends its center strongly and tolerates moments when the opponent is on the puck. There is patience in doing.

– If you look at the NHL, the same way, even in tight games, the goals are amazingly low. No more 7-6 games when we start playing for bigger things. A solid defense requires tough character, attitude and good goalkeeper play in the background, Lions head coach Jalon’s line-up.

– Played three games and scored one goal. It’s a fine balance. The whole team is very confident, with the Lions’ number one star Michael Granlund In the states.

Peace of mind emanates from the entire Lions team in Prague. You can feel the verses of a strong team in the atmosphere.

Aside from playing defense, the Lions’ puck game is strong. Leijonat can create chances, goalscoring support measures are in order and superiority is at a promising level.

It is very promising and does not require major changes for superiority. The five, led by Michael Granlund, have remained the same for a long time.

– Everything is mostly good. Of course, no matter how well you play or how successful you are, there will always be something small. However, we don’t have any big game-related stuff, which could be bad, Lions head coach Jalonen sees.

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Finland’s long World Cup camp has paid off again. Head coach Jalonen talks about how the game comes from the spine and you won’t see any amazing feats in the ring.

The Lions will have a tough test this weekend when they take on NHL star-studded Canada. That top game tells how Lejonaud is poised to surprise this spring.

If you make a prediction now, the Lions could give Canada a tough time. While the Maple Leafs have high-end NHL talent, they won’t have an easy night either.

Getting to the center of the lions is very difficult.

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