The Lions lead the way to victory – and the next place is still in their hands

A place in the semi-finals remains in Finland’s hands with a win over Denmark, but it’s still far from certain.

Michael Granlund went up to the goal and collided with the goalkeeper. Iero Bakarinen’s shot is blocked. Leasima below

Lejonat defeated Denmark 3-1 in the World Cup on Monday. That means a place in the quarter-finals is still in your hands.

It may not come easily.

If Austria wins against Great Britain on Tuesday afternoon, Finland need at least a point from Switzerland to advance to the quarter-finals. That means a loss in overtime or a game-winning goal contest.

An Austrian victory could be considered a possibility, as Britain, relegated from the highest level of the World Cup, have no part in the tournament. The Lions’ opposition, Switzerland, on the other hand, was fierce.

A thriller

Finland starts in fifth place and Denmark in seventh place in Group A against Denmark on Monday. Austria, Finland and, in theory, Denmark battled it out for the fourth, or last, spot in the group.

The match ended 3-1 and turned out to be a thrilling game that made the Lions sweat.

No goals were scored in the first two rounds. Or seen in the second period when both refused to win, but were not accepted.

First, in the half, Denmark’s goal was disallowed due to goalkeeper interference: a masked man stood in the goalkeeper’s area and made contact. Emile Larmey.

For the same reason, the umpires spread their hands at the end of the set when the puck was in Denmark’s goal.

Iiro Pakarinen However, the dismissal of the hit was a highly questionable decision. He hit By Michael Granlund As a result of the drive-thru coming back into the backpack, and according to the judges, Granlund, trying to finish, was deflected by the goalkeeper Mathias Seltrubia.

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However, the Finnish coaching staff did not challenge the judges’ decision.

A moment of power

After two sets, Finland took the expected 3-1 lead, but the scoreboard was full of zeros.

At the beginning of the third period Oscar Molgardilla It was a great spot to give Denmark the lead, but Laramie’s excellent save kept the numbers level.

Then, at 43:26, Finland finally won: Hannes Björninen Eventually a puck was found that jumped out and must have sunk it into Denmark’s bag. The security guard Jesper Mattila Prioritized success with his blue line.

Still 1.37, and a defender Rasmus Risanen entered the draw, Patrick Bustola Made a good mask and the numbers became 2-0.

Denmark shrank

However, Denmark did not give up. It made its goalkeeper the sixth man to reach the target at 58.16.

Denmark still got the top spot for the draw, but in the end Becca Jormaka Finished Finland’s winning numbers 3-1 with a time of 59.07.

Denmark missed out on a place in the next round, but Finland still kept a place in the quarter-finals in their hands. However, it doesn’t come off easily.

The match between Finland and Switzerland starts at 21:20 on Tuesday.

Patrick Bustola admitted during the match against Denmark that he had looked at the league table. Leasima below

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