The mother of the family was killed in Vanda – she posted an emotional video moments before her death

The mother of the family was killed on the evening of Wednesday June 19 in Viardola, Vanda. His wife is suspected of having committed the crime.

According to information from Iltalehti, the person killed in Viardola, Vantaa was a mother born in 1981. The police suspect that the 49-year-old mother of the family’s husband may have been murdered.

The matriarch of the family, who worked in the field of nursing, was active in updating her news on social media. He talked about his daily life through his video blog. Vlog has thousands of subscribers.

Based on social media reports, the family was on vacation. Pictures and videos show happy and smiling family members. The wife of the mother of the family commented on the publications about hearts and declarations of love.

A woman in her forties is nothing to shed a victim’s blood in her own home.

Now publications are filled with obituaries and obituaries. Iltalehdi reached a friend of the family, who confirmed the woman was dead. He describes the situation as incomprehensible.

“I’m alive”

Police have isolated the murder apartment, whose residents are described as pleasant people. Johnny Korbela

A day before the death, the mother of the family shared a video on social media of her spending a summer day with her child. In the background of the video, he has uploaded the song “I am alive”.

Now the woman is dead, and her husband is in jail for the most probable cause of murder.

According to Iltalehti, the man has no prior criminal record.

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Head of Prosecution, Commissioner of Crime Branch Channa Rendola They did not comment on the relationship between the suspect and the victim beyond that they knew each other.

“Good and Sweet Family”

The family lived in a quiet apartment in Viardola. Johnny Korbela

The mother of the family lived with her children and wife in a small apartment building in Viardola. A married couple had an apartment together.

A witness to the police operation on Wednesday night watched as police led the man out of the apartment in handcuffs. Moments later, he sees a body being brought out of the apartment building.

The social welfare department also came and took the children away.

Iltalehti visited Wierdola on Thursday morning. Neighbors were shocked by the suspicious murder. They described the family’s years of living in Viardola as comfortable and pleasant.

Police are silent

Police were still investigating the crime scene on Thursday morning. Johnny Korbela

Police received a call from the Viertolaa emergency center at 8pm on Wednesday, and according to the police, the victim died at the scene despite resuscitation efforts.

According to neighbors, police cordoned off the apartment building’s stairwells and barred residents from the hallways Wednesday evening.

Police remain silent on the suspected murder. It did not comment on the manner of the crime or a possible motive, let alone why the case is being investigated as a homicide.

The title of the crime refers to doing or planning to do something particularly cruel or brutal.

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