The new series follows the lives of mothers who are known on social media – here are the stars of the series

The Someäidit series starts in August on MTV Katsomo.

The series Someäidit follows the daily lives of five mothers. MTV

A new one debuts on MTV Katsomo in August Some– series, which follows the lives of influential mothers known from social media.

The reality TV show promises irony, love and honesty about the daily lives of social media influencers and mothers without any sugar coating. The series will follow the daily lives of five mothers and the lives of four different families.

In the show, mothers open up about their lives through self-baking material and interviews conducted for the show.

other things hey baby-Everything is a podcaster Vivian Nick A creative designer who made a career in advertising. Besides her day job, she is also a social media influencer. Nick has a 4-year-old child whose father is divorced.

Vivienne Nick is known on social media, for example, for her fashion videos. MTV

Ella Rosti and Susanna Sylvander-Rosti, a couple known as Two Mothers, started their social life on YouTube. Now they live family life with their three young children and share content with their thousands of followers. Four-year-old twins and a 2-year-old Kuopus give the couple a fast-paced toddler life in a two-mom household.

Susanna Silvander-Rosti and Ella Rosti try to find time for each other during their joint work vacations. MTV

She is also a mother of four children Emilia Hattunen, started her Mutsis blog in 2011 when she had her first child. A long-time Instagram influencer, Hattunen went through major changes in his career as serious painting made him consider abandoning the world of social media. Additionally, Hattunen’s long marriage ended in divorce.

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Emilia Hattunen decided not to let the difficulties discourage her. MTV

Ex Agreement-Contestant Miisa Nuorgam is a Sami communication specialist and mother of a toddler. After the deal, Noorgam’s daily life has been documented in a series of documentaries about him Unbroken. The series followed her pregnancy and baby year. Nurgam is polygamous and divorced from her child’s father.

Miisa Nuorgam does not take social media as a targeted experiment, although she is also known as an influencer. MTV

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