The original Salgarid stars recreate the iconic shot 25 years later: Do you recognize them all?

After 25 years, the stars of Salatut Elamat gathered for a joint photo.

secret life The first episode of the series was released 25 years ago in January 1999.

Towards the end of 1998, the cast of the new series was immortalized in a photo in Pihlajakadu 23 that later became legendary. The actor saw the film in the fall Sami UthilaWho came up with the idea of ​​reuniting the old team?

This is how the cast of Saladut Elamat looked when the series started. Back row, Piitu Uski, Sami Uotila, Andrei Sandberg, Anu Palevaara, Kristo Salminen, Anu Koskinen, Esko Kovero, Tarja Omenainen, Jouko Keskinen, Jarmo Koski and Maija-Liisa Peuhu. Front row, Jona Keskinen, Venla Sartamo, Jasper Paakkonen, Toomas Kaidomäki and Sanna Lustarinen. Pete is lying on the floor in front of Lattu. Hannu Bukko

On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, thirteen members of the original cast of Salkare gathered to spend an evening together.

– At first, it was even confusing how strong the emotional charge was in the reunion. The warmth and closeness and the long road traveled together were immediately apparent. “It was so nice and easy to spend the evening together,” Utila recounts in MTV's announcement.

A new version is also taken from the old film.

This is how the actors look after 25 years. Back row, left to right, Bidu Uski, Sami Uyotila, Andriy Sandberg, Anu Palevara, Anu Koskinen, Esko Kovero, Tarja Omenainen, Jarmo Koski and Maija-Lisa Peuhu. Venla Chartamo, Jasper Paakkonen and Tuomas Kitomaki crouch in front, Pete Lattu on the floor. MTV Oi / Kimmo Jatinen

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Yutila believes that the actors will remain close throughout their lives.

– If we meet somewhere, it's always a happy meeting, endless rays.

From the crew of the original film, Sami Utila, also known as Ismo Lytelana, who played Aki Nikkinen, will no longer star in the series. Esco Covero And Kalle Laidela plays Beet Latte.

Thalasmata acting in Maija-Liisa Peuhu He recently announced his exit from the series. The character will be last seen on screen in January. Jarmo Koski Occasionally Seppo visits the series Thalasma.

Iltalehti declared in early 2023 secret life It will continue for many more years. According to Finnpanel, in December 2022, the average viewership of the series based on weekly sampling is about half a million per episode.

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