The Panthers are trying to maintain a strong outdoor environment in Edmonton

The Panthers challenge the Oilers in a dream setting at Rogers Place, as they’ve won their first two Stanley Cup Finals at home and lead the Finals series 2-0. The NHL’s historical statistics speak to the fact that Edmonton is in a near-impossible position, as a team that leads the Finals series 2-0 with tournament wins is able to lift the Stanley Cup with a probability of 90.7 percent.

However, statistics are statistics. Forward Kyle Okboso, who moved to the Panthers at the end of the transfer window, is not thinking about it yet.

– Of course, it is impossible to completely dismiss the idea of ​​the Stanley Cup, Okboso admitted.

– However, we only prepare for one game at a time. The next match is always the most important and now we focus on the third final. “You can always think about the big picture, but when the game starts, it’s just about that moment,” he continued.

However, Florida was able to be at its best in tight spots. In the third set of these playoffs, the Panthers outscored their opponents 28-11.

– We enjoy tight games. Before I arrived, hockey was played here, made for tight games. It became clear to me during my time here. We adapt to such moments, Okboso said.

Edmonton’s horn pot will surely be boiling when it hits the ice in Thursday’s third final. The last time the Finals were held in the Buck-Crazy City was in 2006, so those born during the Oilers’ previous championship run have already come of age.

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Panthers Finnish forward Euttu Lustarinen, who has played great playoff games, says the Panthers will let their engine rev like before at Rogers Place. According to him, even if the temperature in Jupiter’s sauna warms to new spheres, Florida will not start fooling around.

– We should stay away from unpleasant situations and let them do their stupid things if they do. Discipline must be maintained, Luostarinen tuumi.

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