The Pelicans enjoyed a lackluster fate — one thing Tommy Niemeyer regrets

The Pelicans worshiped Gorby in Oulu.

The Pelicans, coached by Tommi Niemelä, are one win away from the finals. Elmery Elo / AOP

Garbott snapped the semifinal series against the Pelicans on Friday, 1-3.

Oulu's Golden Helmet Teemu Durunen was his team's hero when he headed Julius Juntila's pass from the goal line into the Pelicans' net. Karpat won by beating Durunen 1-0.

The game went scoreless for long stretches until Durunen scored at the 57:39 mark.

Lahti is the head coach of the team Tommy Nimele He immediately discovered the cause of the failure.

– Corbett had a really hard fought look in the match, they worked really hard to score that one goal. We were a bit overcrowded on two floors. Not everyone is willing to put everything on the line. “We have a lot to improve on,” Nimele lamented at the tournament's press conference afterward.

According to Kärppie head coach Ville Mäntymaa, Friday's game continued like the previous matches of the semi-final series.

The game was again physical and there were tough fights.

– A certain degree of maturity is measured all the time. Against a team of that caliber, you have to grow your game, become more mature and make successful decisions.

The next match for the teams will come soon. The fifth match of the semi-final series starts at 17:00 on Saturday.

The chairman of the press conference asked Nimila what time the team had before the start of the match.

– At least sleep, I hope. Soldiers must sleep and eat, replied Niemelee.

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The name of Saturday's work will be clear. If the Pelicans win, they will advance to the finals, and Garbott will have to settle for the bronze medal match.

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