The price of this electric car dropped last night – almost €10,000 off

Price cuts for electric cars are starting to become a weekly habit. Now the price of Toyota's bZ4X has dropped. The discounts are huge.

One of the cornerstones of automotive news over the past few years has been the price war for electric cars.

In fact, although there has been no news of price cuts from some manufacturers recently, all groups have joined the race in one way or another.

Now Toyota has announced a price cut. Its first in-house electric car model, the bZ4X, has had a somewhat rocky start to the market despite being shared with Subaru.

The Toyota PZ4X joins the ranks of electric cars that have seen a steep price drop. Henry Bosa

The missing battery preheating function, unhappily slow charging and limitations on the number of quick charges per day combined with weak frost resistance don't really raise the bar.

A more confident driving distance prediction is also included in the car.

However, Toyota corrected the situation, updated the car model and actually repaired everything above.

The bZ4X's debut in the electric car market was not very exciting, but the car has improved with updates. Artu Toivonen

Well, how much is that discount?

Now, on Thursday morning, Toyota announced that it's dropping prices on the bZ4X, and like many competitors at this point, the discounts are pretty substantial.

Prices for the model, the two-wheel drive Active has so far fetched €50,550, after the discount, the car will sell for €42,990, a discount of 17.5 percent or €7,650.

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Toyota has teamed up with Subaru to develop the bZ4X. Artu Toivonen

The smallest discount is on the Active AWD model with four-wheel drive, which drops by 7,330 euros, while the new price is 46,490 euros.

Equipped with four-wheel drive style, the mid-level model is priced at 59,180 euros, while its new price is said to be 50,490 euros. In practice, you can now get midsize equipment and four-wheel drive for less than the old two-wheel-drive base model.

Naturally, the price for the premium AWD was 64,660 euros until now, and the new price is 55,490 euros, giving the more expensive model a bigger discount. So a discount of 9,170 euros.

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