The Sodankylä Film Festival, which starts on Wednesday, has grown throughout its history, but the basic essence has remained the same for years | Savo

Milja Mikkola Busy as the 39th Sotangila Film Festival begins today. Mikola is the program manager of the film festival. Responsibilities include software and guest arrangements.

Chodankaila Film Festival was founded by three directors. Aki And Mika Kaurismaki Mixed Ansi Mandari Called the art director Bagin’s Peter. The first film festival was organized in June 1986. After Van Bach’s death in 2014, the artistic director Timo Malmi.

From the beginning the idea was to show new and old films.

Software is being developed According to Mikkola, from several fragments. Firstly, filmmakers from all over the world come to the festival and their works are showcased at the festival.

– We invite creatives we truly admire.

Both well-known and lesser-known names in Finland are invited to the festival. This year, an Oscar-winning Mexican director is coming to Sodanquila Alfonso CroneA visionary of French cinema Leos CaraxA Turkish director-writer Asli Oske and Kazakh Adilkhan Gersanov.

Kaurismäki and van Bach’s international connections have had a significant impact on the event. Over the years, the popularity of film festivals has grown worldwide. Mikola doesn’t remember any of the invited guests refusing. Sometimes, of course, you have to wait for the right moment for the filmmaker.

Since its inception, the program has also featured film concerts. Also, gems of film history and new cinema from home and abroad are presented on the canvas. Every year there is something new. This year, the theme is ice A cool whole Special software includes three films, a discussion session and a science expedition.

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Mikola also participated In the mid-1990s, at the age of 14, he accompanied his father to a film festival for the first time.

As an adult, he volunteered and served for eight years. Even while studying film in London, Sotangila had to go in the summer. Twenty years ago, he started handling festival film orders and guest arrangements.

According to Mikola, the spirit has remained the same over the years, relaxed and approachable.

There has certainly been growth. Ten years ago, a fourth place came into use. Software is more comprehensive than it was twenty years ago. Last year, the film festival had a record attendance of around 35,000 visitors. Many have been going to the festival for decades, some since the beginning. Every year there are new movie buffs on board.

The maximum level has been reached. You cannot upgrade the software. Many visitors stay with locals during the film festival. On the other hand, according to Mikkola, they don’t want to grow the event into a giant event.

He describes the Sodankyla Film Festival as exceptional. Founded by filmmakers, big names have come and gone since the beginning. Night Without Night brings together renowned filmmakers, emerging names in new cinema and international audiences. Everyone is a film buff from whichever side of the camera they come from.

Compared to many film festivals, the films at Sotangila are also not competitive.

– All images are on the same line. It doesn’t matter which one is the best, but everyone is watched for their passion for the movie.

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Chodankaila Film Festival is happening from 12th to 16th. June.

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