The Swedish coach’s broadcast after the decisive goal drew attention: “Jukka Jalonen took 100-0”

According to the expert, Lejonaud put up an almost perfect performance with the available players.

The Lions’ World Cup campaign ended with a bitter defeat to Sweden in the quarter-finals.

Sweden dominated the game for a long time and clearly won the shots, for example, the ice hockey expert of Iltalehti, the champion coach. Becca Virda The last game of the tournament gives the Finnish team a great rating.

– It was almost a complete success, says Virta.

– Finland had the same recipe and belief in how big wins came. Five minutes short of victory.

The Lions were on the defensive for a long time against Sweden. Under Leesima

A part is missing

Naturally, not everything was successful in the World Cup process, the ranking in the initial group was exactly fourth and the medal games remained a nightmare.

Good goalkeeper play, strong defence, strong Aliwoima and strong top players who can spin the ball and score individual goals. According to Virta, this is the recipe that Finland has found success in this year as well.

– Everything else was successful, but this team lacked that strong top.

Virta said in April that it would not be surprising if Viaplay became a specialist in games Marco Antilla Once again relegated to the World Cup group stage. The expert stands behind his words.

– Yes, he would still have been a hindrance in a game like this where you stay at 0-0. Marco Antilla never retired. He played a good season at Kärpi. Those players are missing a bit now Even Michael Granlund gone

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Virta made the predictions before the quarter-final lineups were announced Emile Larmey has been put on target and it has the opportunity to get “on top of the nation’s cover”. Laramie played a great game.

– Laramie seems to be here, and that suits me. It would have been nice to have that for a field player as well.

Emile Larmey played a great match. Leasima below

Jalonen took

According to Wirra, the almost perfect success in the quarter-finals was due to the type of players Finland and Sweden had to field.

– Jukka Jalonen (Sweden’s head coach Sam) Halamia 100-0 regarding the rosters and Sweden rightfully panicked, which was intended.

– Finland scored Hannes Björninen. No Greenland, Antilla, Sami Vadanen Or someone who has become a hot player along the way. It’s hot in Finland Oliver KapanenBut it would be unfair to say that Kapanen will be responsible for scoring goals in these difficult games.

According to Wirtra, Finland was able to take away Sweden’s strength. Larmey made the best save and Lejonaud puck in overtime and controlled the game with it.

Then there was a deadlock and Sweden decided.

– Hallam’s airing from the bench showed Jalonen overseeing the Swedish coach for a night.

Corresponding to death

Virda appreciates that the Finnish players, who had defended softly in places in the earlier games of the tournament, were no longer soft against Sweden. Not only did the coach play a big role in this, but goalkeeper Larm also strengthened the fighting spirit of the fielders with his own performances.

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– Team tuned to defend and fight.

– But ultimately, sports and circumstances shape self-esteem.

The last Swedish champion Virta considers the favorite to continue.

– Precisely Finland took the strength of Sweden.

– Sweden’s ability can be seen in the following, different types of sports.

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