The task force considering the hospital network will have completed a silent Swedish-language night mission in Petersary and Rosspore | Homeland

Night work was allowed to continue in Petersary and Rosspore on the basis of safeguarding linguistic rights. The welfare region of Ostrobothnia also considered closing the emergency department in Petersary in the autumn.

In the welfare area of ​​Ostrobothnia, it was considered that the cancellation of the Petersary night shift would have increased the flow of patients to the welfare area of ​​Central Ostrobothnia in Kokkola. Stock photo. Photo: Kim Blåfield / Yle

An official task force of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, which examined the need for hospitals and 24-hour emergency services, would have kept other night emergency services instead of Raspur and Petersary.

This would have been possible if the matter had been evaluated based on the number of visitors, says the steering committee chairman Anna Kandel-Forsbaum News agency for STT.

As part of the budget crisis saving decisions, the government decided that night work for primary care would end in five different cities. Emergency services continue in Petersary and Rasepori, as well as in Ivalo and Kusamo.

In its strictest version, the task force would have been prepared to stop night work from places other than Ivalo and Kusamo.

In the Board's conclusion, maintaining the night shift in Rasbury and Petersary was justified by protecting linguistic rights.

Ending Petersary's night shift was also considered in the autumn as part of a savings package for the welfare region of Ostrobothnia.

However, officials withdrew the proposal after discussions with the regional council and due to feedback from a large number of residents. If so, it was calculated that reducing night duty would have brought a total of €400,000 in savings over nine months.

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