The underbelly of the car trade is strictly registrations – sold used

Last year's weak demand for new cars is now reflected in the figures, but AUT says it is increasing. The used trade is going strong.

In February, 5,373 new passenger cars were registered, which was 12.2 percent less than February last year, according to the Auto Information Center (AUT). At the beginning of the year, a total of 11,964 passenger cars were registered, which is 10 percent less than the comparison period.

The drop in registrations came as no surprise to the car market as new cars sold poorly last year. At least some of the orders are naturally reflected in the records for this winter and spring.

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However, according to AUT, orders have shifted to growing growth in the winter, so readings at the end of the year will turn out to be brighter than at the beginning of the year.

Used for sale

Used passenger cars, on the other hand, change hands quickly. According to AUT, the used car trade was exceptionally buoyant in February.

Trade in used cars that passed through car dealerships was about 14 per cent higher than in February last year. Trade in used cars at the start of the year was around 5.4 per cent more brisk than last year, according to car trade between households and car trade by other companies.

“Used car sales at car dealerships have been increasing since the beginning of last year. In February, about 26,000 used cars passed through car dealerships, while over the past five years, the average figure for February was 23,000,” commented the CEO of the Federation of Automotive Industries. The land is Lausala Bulletin.

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A total of 57 percent of commercial cars sold through car dealerships at the beginning of the year were petrol cars and about 29 percent were diesel cars. The share of plug-in hybrids was about 10 percent, and the share of fully electric cars was 4 percent.

A quarter of the first recordings were entirely electric

In first registrations, the share of fully electric cars at the start of the year was around 24 percent, compared to just over a third of all first passenger cars registered last year. At the time, a large number of electric cars were already booked, and their production was slowed by a shortage of spare parts.

Last year, a large number of electric cars ended up on the register to apply for a €2,000 purchase incentive aimed at households before the application period ends at the end of 2022.

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